30 June 2010

a new home

we are in wales. as we have been staying with a variety of friends back in london, saying good bye, its nice to be out of others peoples homes and into...well, my in laws house. sure its not technically my house. but it is spacious and we do have our own space. and its nice to be able to settle in. ele has her own room (YAY!!) and we finally have a bathroom where i can not touch the sink, toilet and bathtub all at the same time. its nice.

i still feel slightly like a chicken with my head cut off. its been a process to unpack. i am still searching through things. plus, we leave in 4 days for Cyprus (YAY!) so in the midst of unpacking i am repacking. not that i am complaining. i cant wait to go on holiday.

and can i just say, that even with the craziness of 4 different places in less than 3 weeks, little e has been amazing!! she is such a star. she has taken it all in her stride because she is the best baby in the word. she toddles after me everywhere i go. oh yeah, she has been walking independently for about 3 or 4 weeks now. so great!

so its another short post, but a little update. :)

20 June 2010

finally friday...or wait?...what day is it?

living out of a backpack is great if that means you are travelling aroudn the world, carefree and ready for fun. living out of a backpack is NOT great if it means you are in the middle of moving, cant find half of your things and are constantly running around trying to clean, pack, ship and store your life into small manageable bags. we are officially out of our flat, living with friends and on our way out of london.

life is crazy right now.

this past week we have shipped more things out, taken boxes to wales, moved out of the flat, deep cleaned the flat, gotten screwed by our jackass of a land lord, moved in with some friends, had eleri's london first birthday party with all her baby friends, had a rugby bbq, watched loads of football (USA-USA-USA!!), made arrangements for a surprise american guest and watched in amazment as my little 10 month old learned to walk. crazy.

i am loving life at the moment, but at the same time i am having a hard time catching my breath. i venture to say that until we come back from our holiday in cyprus, i wont have very indepth blogs. ah well, enjoy the short updates.

and now i am off to find some shorts. if i only i could remember which bag i put those in....

10 June 2010

T minus 1 day

June 2004. it was a very bittersweet time for me. The beginning of the month was spent galavanting about Europe with two of my closest friends. But the end of the month marked my return to America. I remember very distinctly pulling away from the gate in Paris, desperately wishing that there was some way i could stay. i racked my brain to come up with any reason i could to not go back to the US. I came up with nothing and that flight goes down as one of my worst plane journeys ever. For months after I landed a battle raged in my heart and mind; I did not want to be back. I just knew i was destined to live a European lifestyle. The cafes, the bars, the people, the clothes, the sports...everything. I was convinced it was the life for me.

I made 3 promises to myself that day. I wrote them in my journal so I would always remember. They are as follows.

1. "I will marry some from who hails from this European continent. An American will simply not do. I am destined to marry someone with an accent."

2. "I will live overseas. Even if it is not forever, I want to experience what it really means to live in another country. Not even just any country, a European country."

3. "Sports in America just dont compare. I want to be overseas for every major sporting event for the next 10 years. Major sporting events in Europe is like a world wide block party. People in the streets, people in the pubs, singing, dancing, laughing. I want to be a part of that."

six years on from when i wrote that I would say i am doing pretty well. I married a European and I live in London. So what about number 3?

I would have to say I am doing pretty well achieving that goal as well.
2004: The Euro (giant european football tournament) I was in Spain. The tournament was held in Portugal
2005: The Lions Tour: A MASSIVE rugby tour every 4 years to the southern hemisphere. It was in New Zealand in 2005. I was in New Zealand for the entire tournament.
2006: Football World Cup. It was in Germany. I was in France and Spain for the tournament.
2007: Rugby World Cup. It was in France. I was in France and England.
2008: Olympics. on this one I was actually sad to not be in America for this. I missed my national anthem.
2009: The Lions Tour. again, hanging out in the UK for this one. You cant even get the games on tv in america.

Which brings me to 2010. In ONE day the football world cup beings. Starting tomorrow and continuing until 11 July football will take over the world. and I will be in a football mad country to enjoy it. Take for example my local supermarket.

yeah, its crazy. and wonderful all at the same time.

England plays America on Saturday. It is the first game for both countries. and I CANT WAIT!! Its funny how we achieve goals. or in my case, its funny what my goals are in the first place. regardless, i will have a good time watching the world cup.

2 June 2010

a quick update

its been quite a few weeks. the challenge of packing up a house, dealing with customs and immigration, as well as looking after a family...well it doesnt leave a lot of time for writing on the good ole' blog. and the comming weeks show no sign of slowing down. i am off to Denmark tomorrow (rhys will have little e for the entire weekend!) and when i come back on sunday, we have exactly one week to be completely out of the flat. we are spending the next 3 weeks staying with different friends, saying good bye to watford. Little e is having an "i'm almost one" birthday party the middle of june and then we are off to Cyprus in exactly one month from today. i am counting on being busy for another month!

but may was a good kind of busy. with exciting things happening.

Little e turned 10 months and to celebrate, we went to the beach.

she LOVED the water. seriously, that kid is not afraid of anything. she was crawling into the tide, eating sand, chasing the birds. it was so much fun.

by way of a quick 10 month update, e is SO close to walking. she stands by herself and will take 2 or 3 steps, but then falls down. she will walk with just one hand and has great balance, but needs just a little more confidence to let go completely. she eats whatever we eat and she likes pretty much everything. her favourite things at the moment are peppers with hummus, chicken, risotto, bannanas and pears. she also quite enjoys her peanut butter and jam sandwiches, a great staple of every diet eh? e has also become attached to one toy. a stuffed dog. we are convinced she is saying dog. and she must be because when we are out in public and she says "dog" even stragners think she is talking. i am holding off on saying dog is her first word until it is a little clearer, but i am pretty sure that will be it. and she has 8 teeth. she is so amazing, i couldnt have asked for a better baby. ok, bragging over.

I decided it was time that i get myself in gear and do another half marathon. the last one i did was when i was 5 weeks pregnant, so its been a while. i impulsively signed up for next sunday. thats right, just a little over a week. we shall see how that goes. so little ele and i have been running a lot

and we had the annual rugby ball. rhys won player's player of the year! he is so great!

here he is recieving his award from the chairman of the club

so that is a summary, in pictures, of the last little bit. i will post again as soon as life slows down just a little bit.