1 January 2011

thank God it's 2011

seriously. i am thanking the Lord almighty that it is 2011. i have high hopes riding on this year, i am expecting big things. when it was getting close to midnight last night, i was all smiles just waiting to say adios to 2010 and hello! hello! to 2011. i feel better about life already and it has only been the new year for about 12 hours.

as we have had a busy holiday season, i am running a bit behind on my blogging. i still have not done a christmas post, put up any pictures, written an eleri update or finished the last reverb post. but as this is the first day of the new year, i am bypassing all of those things to list my goals/dreams/plans/hopes and aspirations for 2011. i am foregoing the typical 'resolutions' and instead making goals for the year. some are more sweeping and far reaching and some are small and fairly silly. but nonetheless, here is my 2011 life list.

2011 life list
-floss everyday
-collect at least one piece of fabric every month to make my quilt
-doing absolutely everything within my power to be calm, pleasant and peaceful when rhys comes home from work (read: dont immediately word vomit on him the minute he enters the house)
-continue with my current face/skin routine
-drink 64 oz. of water a day
-spend time praying/researching and figure out what i really want to do
-after the above goal is achieved, get a job that i actually enjoy and that i am good at
-research ways to continue with green lifestyle in the US
-run/exercise 4 times a week.
-try something new everyday
-email 'connections' in NWA to get help/ideas/support for our upcoming move
-lose the 10lbs i have gained since November by 9 February. no crash diets- healthy eating and exercise.
-count to 10 before speaking. or 15 before word vomiting on someone
-run the oklahoma city memorial marathon (or half...depending on injury recovery)
-start a tradition with our family for every month. something we do the 3 of us every year in the same month. for example, in april we could go to a zoo. so every april we go to a zoo as a family.
-try a new hair style this year. something other than the long hair/side bangs that i have had basically since i was 12.
-limit my t.v. watching to 2 hours a day. that includes my BBC morning news, baby video time and scrub re-runs etc...
-write someone a letter once a week.
-teach eleri scripture. i want to daily commit to helping the little one memorize scripture.
-budget. and actually stick to it.
-on the back of that, save at least £1000 for eleri in 2011
-take 20 minutes for myself every morning. first thing. just me, my writing, my thoughts and my cup of green tea
-work at becoming as close to debt free as i can.
-paint my nails a crazy, off the wall, never before used colour
-teach eleri something new every week/do something new with eleri every week
-wear a sequined shirt for something
-buy a pair of jeans from top shop before i leave europe
-tell rhys just how much he means to me everyday
-dance with eleri everyday
-practice effective time management
-take a picture once a day of something special
-start family devotions

that is my list as of 1 January 2011. I was debating about whether or not i would allow myself to add things to the list or not after i published it. as i type this out, i have decided that no, i wont add anything. this is it the 2011 life list in its entirety. i have been working on a 'complete life list' and i can always add/take away from that list. but these are my goal/ambitions for 2011.

good bye 2010, hello 2011. its going to be a damn good year.

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