22 April 2011

we are here.

Here. I was going to say home, but are not home. Not just yet. We are at my parents house (which is wonderful) and working on being in our own home. so for the meantime, we are here.

23 hours of travel, 11 suitcases, 2 hours of immigration for Rhys and an amazingly happy baby later- and we are here. finally.

If I never set foot on another plane again, I am ok with that. Well, never again until September when we fly back to London. At least this time we wont have 11 suitcases, 4 carry ons, a stroller and a baby. Word of advice, NEVER travel with that much crap. seriously.

It has been 4 days since we landed and it has been better and worse than I thought it would be. I would say at least we have nice weather, but believe it or not, it is actually sunnier and warmer in the UK than Oklahoma. I think that is a first. Rhys says it is God's way of welcoming him to his new country. Welcome, we have crap weather just like the UK. He now feels right at home.

So that is where we are. Here and adjusting.

14 April 2011

it's a fact

It's true. I am a hoarder. I never really thought I was before, but it is an undeniable fact. I hoard.

How, you ask, do I know this? Because I managed to have 42 boxes, 1 suitcase and 2 backpacks worth of stuff to ship. And if that wasn't enough, I am going to have to pay to have an extra checked bag. Not just one, but two. TWO.

So after shipping an entire crate worth of stuff, I still have 4 suitcases, 2 carryons, a diaper bag and eleri's backpack full of stuff. lkjaoinfoadsivdhsvo!!!!

What stuff you ask? Well, clothes, shoes and such necessities. But aside from that, the things that I am actually paying to ship/fly across an ocean include eleri's paintings/drawings, a map that I found by a dumpster, every single award and certificate that Rhys has ever won (even from elementary school), every single picture I could find, old clothes-because you just never know when you might need them, books-even if they have been read, newspapers (unread) from major events, magazines from major events, magazine articles (cut out) with stuff I like, oh and did I mention paintings and drawings that eleri has done? Yeah, I am paying to bring that stuff over. See? fact, I hoard.

But I just can't bear to get rid of it. Never mind how useless some of it may be, I just can't part with it. I hoard. it's pretty bad. I think I may need an intervention. Either that or I need someone to come and pack responsibly for me.

13 April 2011

always on your toes.

Being married to an international has always proven to be an adventure. that could mean travel, living abroud or just every day cultural differences that make life fun.

But sometimes it can prove a bit nerve wracking. Like today, when Home Land security called to inform me that we had been marked for our planned trip to the states. and we had issues to sort out before we travelled. Nice. That is always what you want to hear, security issues before you even make it to customs!

It's never dull with team williams.

12 April 2011

less than a week

in 6 days we will no longer be residents of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately I still have quite a bit to do. No matter how old I get, apparently I will never learn to plan ahead. Procrastination is the way I roll.

As such there will be no long post today, just a list. Part 2 of the list of things I will miss about the UK. I had intended to counter everything I will miss with something positive from the states. But I simply can not be bothered today. So know that I realise there are good things in the US. This post is just about the things I am going to miss.

-greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. this is AWESOME. why do we not do this in America?

-fish and chips, chip shops...(never mentioned this before eh?)

-bank holidays.

-28 days holiday a year. required. over five weeks, plus national holidays. awesome.

-proximity to continental Europe

-greener lifestyle

-pub culture

-the royal wedding. this made this list only because i will literally miss it on the day.

-public transport all over/around the country

-sidewalks. everywhere.

-camden town and the cheap Chinese stalls (kym and leah- my camden buddies)

-double decker buses


-marks and spencer sandwiches

-boots (and boots meal deal)

-sanctuary spa

-castles everywhere you look

-and along that note, the age and history of this country

-trains. I know I already said public transport, but I like trains.

-covent garden

-my vauxhall

-rich tea biscuits

-hand cooked crisps

-squash (as a drink, not the veggie)

-the cheese. oh my goodness, the cheese is incredible!

-the sense of humor. love it.

-and along with that comes comedy shows: live at the apollo, a league of their own, celebrity juice, john bishop's britian etc...

-cougar town. I realise this is an american show, but it is behind over here. So i will miss my spot in the show when I move. and I am really sad about it.


-Christmas lights on oxford/regent street

-match of the day


and last but not least, the people......mag, alan, kath, neil, nia, new baby, nain, mam gu, dio, viv, ian, lily, and the rest of the family. plus...jude, hayley, karen, katie, anj, bushra, and the babies, Hannah, james, caroline, chris, dan, oli, james, andrea, ads, tracey, the heley's, and the rest of the rugby boys, katherine, john, martha, malcom, evelyn and the rest of the brecon church and everyone else I have forgotten to mention. I will miss the people here tremendously.

we made friends that are irreplaceable and have memories that will last forever. I am starting to get a bit teary (and cheesy) so I will end this list here.

7 April 2011

kristina the ostrich.

I am packing today. urgh! I am sick of packing. I am sick of planning, laying out clothes, snacks, games, toys, more clothes, blankets, books, clothes for Rhys, more snacks....i am sick of packing. it is an unfortunate necessity.

Today's packing is very bittersweet. We are only 11 days away from moving. We are that much closer to being settled and not feeling like we are on hold. But it also means we are only 11 days away from leaving Europe. We are that much closer to saying good bye to an irreplaceable part of our lives. I was discussing this with a friend who made the comment that she knew exactly how I felt. She had just moved to a new flat 2 blocks down the street and saying goodbye to her neighbours was so hard. hmmmm, not quite the same.

Or is it? Is this move to America really that much different? People say goodbye to things that are important to them all the time, why should moving overseas be that big of a deal? I guess whether or not it should be is irrelevant. To me, it is. A very big deal. The closer it gets, the more I want to stick my head in the sand and wait for it to all go away. Maybe if I hide from it, it won’t happen. But that is not the answer either. We can't stay here, I know that. But part of me doesn't want to move. I go back and forth constantl. Poor Rhys, he never knows which Kristina he will get. The "excited to move and can't wait to live in America" Kristina or the sad, teary, "I don’t want to leave Europe because it is awesome" Kristina. Sometimes, just for kicks, I throw in the "I am not leaving because I want to go to Barcelona one more time" Kristina. (I think that Kristina is Rhys' least favourite.)

Which one is it today? Kristina the ostrich. That is the Kristina that wants to stop packing, stop planning and just stick her head in the sand. I am not going to do that because I have to pack. But I want to. I want to not have hard decisions to make. 4 years ago the choice to move to London was so light hearted. We couldn't wait to live in a new place, as newlyweds, and make a life for ourselves. Now, just a few short years later, the decision to leave seems next to impossible. I am writing about it like there is still some indecision. There isn't. The choice has been made. We are coming to America. I know it is the right choice. But it is still difficult.

But I am just tired of it all. I can't imagine how you (the reader) must feel?! What happened to the old blog full of interesting political posts and rants about the NHS? Somewhere along the line of baby and international move, I got distracted. Perhaps once we settle in the states I will write about other things. But right now all I can think about it packing- and sticking my head in the sand.

4 April 2011


The annual birthday countdown has begun. For those of you that know me, or have read this blog for a while, are well aware that come April I start counting down the days until my birthday. Perhaps one day I will feel to old to do this, perhaps there will come a birthday that I am not looking forward to. But that day is not today; I love birthdays!!

But this April also holds quite a few more days to count down to. Big changes and big milestones mark this April and I intend on counting down and celebrating them all. Without further ado, let the countdown begin!

25 days until my birthday (woo hoo!!) - and you too Laura!

20 days until Easter at the church where I grew up, got baptised, got married- my home church.

14 days until we move to America (woo hoo?...a bit scary still)

13 days until family day out at Lego Land, Windsor

7 days until Hereford with Rhys and Lucy

5 days until I am 1 year cancer free

3 days until Nia's 4th birthday (eleri's little cousin)

1 day until my next tattoo (still pending, bit it makes the list anyway)

1 April 2011


Eleri is pretty awesome. She is so full of life and joy. I think she is the happiest child in the world. seriously. She is pretty great.

She loves her dad the most (I hate to say it, but its true) He can get to her to laugh like no one else. As soon as he walks in from work, everyone else ceases to exist. Daddy and daughter, its amazing. She doesn't even mind when he is all smelly from rugby (as evidenced below) she runs straight up to him- sometimes even onto the pitch! But she does like her mommy too! We like to build forts. They probably rank in top 3 favourite things to do for the little one.

She loves playing hide and seek and I often find her behind things or covered up with stuff. Like here, with the pillows. She will hold perfectly still and wait for you to 'find' her. precious. She loves to feed the ducks. Here she is running over to the duck pond, bread in hand.
She is also quite musical...perhaps we have a little prodigy on our hands. pretty much, eleri is just awesome! (especially in aviators) Happy weekend everyone!