10 January 2008

100 things about me

I realise no one actually asked to know 100 things about me. But its my blog. So I can do it. Plus, in the strange occurrence that someone random decides to read this blog, said person can now be quite informed about who I am, what I love, what I hate, and basically all the crazy things you would never really want (or need) to know about me.

1. i am married to the best man in the entire world, Rhys. Technically, we are still considered newlyweds and people say that is why i think he is so great. but its not. I think he is perfect because he is.
2. i love jesus.
3. my husband is Welsh
4. we live in London
5. I am officially an ex-pat (it makes me sound cool, eh?)
6. i prefer to use only lowercase letters but sometimes freak about the grammar and capitalize even though i don’t like it.
7. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma
8. i hate Tulsa
9. my family loves Tulsa. they try regularly to get me to move back
10. i was first attracted to my husband because he had an accent
11. i have one brother, a sister in law, a niece and a nephew
12. i am 7 books short of reading the entire Bible.
13. I have been the same 7 books short for 11 years.
14. I have naturally blond hair.
15. i do not like blond jokes. I am not stupid and in no way find them humerous.
16. i really like chocolate ice cream
17. i do not like chocolate on its own
18. I want to own a bike with a basket on the front
19. i steal all the covers at night
20. travelling owns a large majority of my heart. i would wander the earth forever with Rhys and my children (future children that is) forever if that was an option. I would rather travel than have roots.
21. i am very opinionated
22. as a result, I tend to be very argumentative. (to a fault for sure!)
23. i once had a summer job sweeping up the litter in an amusement park. I had to start with the parking lot and when i finished there, i had to walk around the grounds and sweep up cigarette butts.
24. The Beatles are my favourite band.
25. i own all of their original records except 3.
26. per book value, the collection is worth over $25,000.
27. I have thought about selling it 4 times. each time I hate myself for thinking such a greedy thing.
28. i love the military. They are true warriors, true heroes. (see #51)
29. i have great admiration for sacrifice
30. i would rather eat chips than vegetables
31. chick-fil-a is my favourite restaurant.
32. i have taken all the rubber bands in my office and made a giant rubber band ball. i refuse to let people use the rubber bands off the ball.
33. i am slightly OCD. i count steps, flick switches a certain number of times, check the lock on the door x amount of times before bed and if I open a drawer on one side of the room, i have to do the same on the other.
34. i like this rugby team and this one too. everyone should support them too.
35. i dislike recruitment consultants
36. i like beer in pints
37. i want a PhD just to say I have one. I dont actually want to use it, just show I am capable. (see #14 and 15)
38. i am really bad at learning languages
39. i hate close toe shoes.
40. i will wear flip flops well into winter, even in the snow.
41. in high school I played volleyball and tennis, ran track, and tried to play basketball. I did none of the aforementioned activities well nor did any last all 4 years.
42. i now run long distances.
43. i hang my running medals on the door so everyone can see them.
44. i like to talk
45. i sometimes make up stories when talking because it is fun.
46. i am very outgoing.
47. i like blue
48. i will always hold a soft spot in my heart for Chihuahua’s. they are real dogs people!
49. my major at university was European History
50. i minored in social studies and political science
51. I have a Masters degree in British Military History (see #28)
52. i 'found myself' while travelling along in New Zealand
53. as a result i think everyone should make an effort to travel alone and see what happens.
54. I am impulsive in almost every area of life
55. at one point in my life i was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians and tried to get 101 stuffed Dalmatians. I had 72 before i lost interest.
56. i went barefoot at my wedding. the entire day.
57. rhys choose to wear tails. he wanted a top hat and a cane as well. i said no.
58. i have been to all the battlefields of WWI located in France and Belgium. I went on my own one summer because I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me. The salient left me speechless
59. i have a scar on my chin from a childhood 'accident' when my brother decided to trip me as i was running around the family room. not cool.
60. said scar looks like a zit. also not cool.
61. i talk to myself
62. i love McDonalds
63. i love old country music. i.e. George Straight, Garth, Loretta Lynn, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson etc...
64. i like attention.
65. i once tried start smoking. it was a stupid idea. i do not smoke at all. ever.
66. my favourite number is 7.
67. the number 6 freaks me out. seriously.
68. i think tattoos are cool.
69. i hate cats.
70. i used to worry that i would end up a crazy cat women when i was older. thank god for rhys.
71. i like to read for fun
72. i like airplane food.
73. i do not like America football unless it is college and only then when at the stadium.
74. i have written and published a book. i would like to write and publish more.
75. i want children. now. lots. probably 4.
76. i love all kinds of soup. even mushroom soup and i hate mushrooms in anything else.
77. i shop obsessively.
78. My top 5 favourite bands are: Beatles, Metallica, Guns and Roses, AC/DC and Dave Matthews Band.
79. Led Zeppelin is a close 6th.
80. My top 5 favourite singers are: Jack Johnson, Damien Rice, Kris Delmhorst, Britney Spears, and Alan Jackson.
81. i love french fries.
82. i try to recycle but i am not always very good at it.
83. i love to wear skirts
84. i say my favourite movie is Casino
85. my favourite movie really is Love Actually.
86. i am a messy person
87. i hate doing dishes
88. i love writing notes and sending people mail.
89. I clean out my closet at least once a month. I am talking rubbish bags full of things to give away. (see #77)
90. my chosen profession would be 'writer' nothing else.
91. i come up with hundreds of ideas every week and try to act out on each and every one of them
92. i truly believe i will win the lottery
93. i love driving
94. i love to swim
95. i am awful at math, especially percentages.
96. i love to dance
97. i cant decide if i am liberal or conservative
98. i struggle with jealousy, pride and envy. i wish i didn’t
99. i tend to have no filter which makes me more verbal and open than i should be sometimes.
100. rhys will forever hold my heart. he is more than i could ever ask for, more than i deserve. my life is now complete with him in it.

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Sohailah said...

I love your 100 things. I also count steps. And window squares.