10 January 2008

12 November 2007 and the Joy of Rhys

91 days. That is what the 12th of November 2007 marked. It meant that in all the 865 days I had known Rhys, 91 days was the longest amount of consecutive time we had spent together. The summer of 2006, he used a 90 days visa to visit me in Oklahoma. The summer before that we spent about 30 days together. And there were several spouts of two weeks here and two weeks there. But nothing longer than 90 days in the 2 years, 4 months and 12 days that I had known him. The 12th of November was a gloriouis day.

More importantly though, it marked the beginning of a lifetime together. I know the meaning of long distance relationship more than most. Not to say that is a special achievement; being away from someone you love is not cool. But it does still make me laugh when other people talk about how rough they have it with a long distance romance. My favourite comment still remains as the girl who, upon hearing my story of Wales to Oklahoma, responded with 'Oh, I know just how you feel! My boyfriend lives in Stillwater!' (for those unfamiliar with Stillwater, its about a 45 minute drive from Tulsa!) Yes, she knew exactly what I meant. Living 45 minutes from your boyfriend is exactly the same as 27 states, 6 time zones, 2 continents and an ocean!!

All that to say that my Rhys is once again away from me. Granted its only an hour which does not even begin to compare to the previous distance. But despite the fact that I get to see some of my girlfriends more, and have a much cleaner house, it is excruciating painful with him gone! I stopped counting the days we had been together once we hit 91. Yet, today I am reminded that he has been gone now for 5 days. And I miss all the little things I am accustomed to.

I miss the smell of canned spaghetti warming in the microwave.
I miss the smell of burnt toast.
I miss the sopping wet bathroom floor after his shower.
I miss the awful stench coming from the rugby kit in the front hall.
I miss the way his face sqwinches up when he laughs really hard.
Really, I just miss him!

So this is my post in dedication to the most wonderful, perfect man in the world. I am lucky to have him as my husband....i would be even luckier if we were in the same place! Come home now, Rhys!!

Look how cute he is! aww....

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