31 May 2011


ah, sunshine. finally it seems the crap weather has passed. no more tornados in the foresable future and we can enjoy the baking hot summer weather that is oklahoma. i am so excited i can hardly stand it.

off we go to the pool.....

27 May 2011

some direction

In the months leading up to the move I had lots of ideas about what America would look like for Team Williams. Boston, Arkansas, our own house, perhaps 2 cars, church life, american rugby, nice weather, new friends, finally close to my side of the family....but never, ever, EVER did any of my thoughts/dreams/plans/ideas good or bad ever mention Tulsa.

I grew up in tulsa. I lived here the year between Spain and Marriage. It is not an awful place but it was a place that I never envisioned for myself. Dont get me wrong, Tulsa has some awesome things like the Blue Dome distric, a pretty decent concert list, Queenies, the Drillers, some great museums and as pictured above, the giant driller. But still, I couldn't wait to get out when I was 18 and I never had the desire ot move back.

Of course, I knew we would be 'moving back' to stay with my parents for a little while as we made the transition from Europe to Northwest Arkansas. But that was it, a transitional place. a free place to stay, hang out with family and then move on.

Except that didn't actually happen. We are not moving on. We are staying right here in Tulsa.

Thats right. Tulsa.

Through a connection from one of my oldest and dearest friends, Rhys got an interview and they loved him. The job was offered to him the same day of the interview and now my (very awesome) husband is working for Tulsa City Council. He has a pretty sweet job. Any job in this climate is great, but one that is actually awesome? Well that is even better. So Tulsa it is.

Funny thing? I am actually excited. Perhaps some of my excitement is that we are finally in the last stages of our dream of having our own place. Or it could be that being close to family is a good thing. I have some dear friends in Tulsa- one of whom made the entire process of moving and staying here actually seem enjoyable (thanks, ally. you're awesome!) My dad can build us a house- just the way i want it. and I know the schools here. I know the area. And it is cheap. Cheap enough that we can save and still travel. Closer enough to go to Arkansas to see dear friends and cheap enough to fly to Boston for J and L.

Yeah, Tulsa is not looking so bad after all....

I feel settled. More peaceful than I have felt in a long time. And now that things are a bit more decided and we have some direction, I can get back to my 'America List.' Similar to my Europe List, but with some more domestic activities like planning E's 2nd birthday and refinishing furniture.

So here's to Tulsa, the new home of Team Williams.

17 May 2011

wow, it's been a while

it has been a long time since i have posted. life has just been a little crazy. and it still is. we are trying to figure out how to do life and be a family in another country. another culture. all whilst living with a different set of parents. it's great to be with my parents, but hard all at the same time.

america is wonderful. we are all enjoying being here. but america is different. and the change is hard. harder than i thought.

maybe that is why i dont have a lot to say at the moment. i am still processing. and playing. and seeing old friends. going to arkansas. and texas. and six flags. and unpacking the 42 boxes that arrived.

life is full. and scary and unknown. but good.

Rhys' green card arrived (woo hoo) so that is one GIANT weight off of our shoulders. He has to carry it with him at all times. Normally that doesnt pose any problems. When you go to six flags and lose your purse which has the green card in it? problem. how do you call department of homeland security again? life is full, to say the least. (we found the bag in the end! praise jesus)

learning to live in the unknown is something my little family has been practicing for quite a while now. since landing on american soil i have gone through lots of phases relating to the unknown. embracing it as an adventure. despising it. fearing it. loathing it. and right back around to loving the spontaneity and adventure.

benefit to no job? rhys and i have lots of time to check out thrift stores and estate sales for our $50 Rule to furnish the house. and its been really fun. we already have some great buys. I will post before and after pictures soon. but downfall to no job is we are still waiting. still unknown on when we can have our own space. be just the 3 of us (and eventually more!)

we shall see where we are in another week, but for now we are here. and still adjusting. looking and praying for jobs and hanging out with family. life is full.

4 May 2011


It has been a while since I have posted. Nothing has changed really, we are still here and still adjusting. It is great to be here and sad still. But I suppose those things are expected.

It is warm and sunny outside for the first time in a while so I want to play outside instead of type at the computer. Therefore, no exciting post for today. But I do have a question. As it has been a while since I have lived in Tulsa, I can't really remember who I know that lives in this area. So....remind me.

If you live in Tulsa or the surrounding area let me know and we can get together. I would love to reconnect with some people around here so let me know. Leave a comment or send me a message. :)