15 January 2008

About Me

I was born in Oklahoma, spent one fourth of my life in Arkansas, truly discovered ME in New Zealand and have called London home for the last 4 years.

I am American by birth, British by naturalisation, a traveller at heart, a wanderer in my soul, a devoted follower of Jesus and a wife and mother above all else.

I was made for hot weather 100% of the time, but unfortunately am forced to live in climates that have seasons. I love the water and would live in it if I could. I eat some form of fried potatoes everyday and would live on a diet that excluded vegtables if I could get away with it. If the husband would let buy them, I would drink every drink with a little umbrella in the top. I love to run miles upon miles upon miles and have recently considered a career change to ultra marathon running. oh, and I tend to be unrealistic and dream big.

This is my journey through the jungles of London, the life lived on a commuter train, the struggles of a new wife and a new mother, the joys of family, the and the wonderfully, crazy experience that we call Life. Welcome aboard.

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