29 January 2008

I admit it.....I like her.....

I have always liked Britney Spears. I have never really admitted it though. I admit to liking Guns and Roses, Metallic, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Live...but its true, I have been a closet Britney fan for years! Its cheesy music. She doesn't have the greatest voice. But there is something so intrinsically appealing about the entire persona of 'Britney Spears' that keeps me supporting her regardless. I feel it is time to come clean, admit that I actually like Britney Spears, and offer some positive views of the girl.

We are all responsible for our own actions, but I feel really bad for Britney Spears. How hard it must be to constatntly be in the public eye! Since she was, what, 16 or 17....a huge star, sex symbol. I had a hard enough time growing up and finishing high school, figuring out who i was, what i thought was cool, without the entire world looking at me too! everyone had bad hair days, a little fat hang out every now and then, a mascara smear.....awful that people get paid thousands of dollars to bring those images to us! Her name even has a stigma with it now. People base the opinions on a few negative stories and images. Put yourself in her shoes, would you always make good choices? Remember she is just 26!

Imagine having to hide everywhere you went? Trying to do normal things and people watching you all the time. It creeps me out when people stare at me on the train, let alone 100% of the time! Then, on top of it all, she falls in love and starts a fmaily. But she picked an awful jerk of a guy, and he walks all over her heart.....and its all public knowlegde. How many of us want our break-up all over the evening news? Still worse though is that she lost her love. I would not even begin to recover if I had a child and Rhys turned out to be a jerk. Britney Spears is a girl just like the rest of us. I dont think she ever really got over this 'K-Fed' dude and is struggling to move on. More specifically she is drowning in her pain and making poor decisions out of hurt, anger, rebellion and confusion.

I wish people would just leave Britney alone. She is not the awful person people make her out to be. She was shoved into a cruel and harsh world when she wasnt even finished with high school yet! She had to mature and figure out who she was in front of millions of people. I went to New Zealand, away from everyone I knew and everything familiar, to figure out who I was! poor girl is floundering in a big world that loves to pick her apart. newspapers and magazines say she is a bad mother, they capaitalise on every stupid choice she has ever made, they laugh when she cries...and then sell the pictures. Leave her alone!!! Let her learn from her mistakes, grow up, make better choices and start again. I think she could be a good mother, have a decent life and music career if people would find somthing else to gossip about. Give Britney a chance! She is a good girl somewhere in there. Love and pain make us all do foolish things. So Britney Spears, I am rooting for you. No longer will I be a closet fan, instead I will proudly support you!

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Christpher said...

holy shit! normally I wouldn't read a random blog on the web. And for sure would I never reply I was checking for pictures on good decisions. suddenly the Britney pic shows up and I thought, cool lets check her out. I find her hot! no matter what! then i read your totally cheesy blog and see no one even replied to it.
well just to let you know. I am totally on your side. I dont listen to her music neither do I follow any of the bullshit in magazines or television.
I just have lots of respect for that girl+like I said I find her Hot, Hot, Hot!! She looked like shit a while ago and it really hurt my heart. and I thought pretty much about all the things you mentioned. so I had this thing I wrote up: How to help Britney!? Came up with loads of bullshit but also fun stuff ;)
But to put up a blog. Never thought of that! sweet first step :)
Cool thing.

keep it up!