4 February 2008

Something Fantastic.....

I want to do something fantastic! I dont know what that something is...but I want to do it. Sitting at my desk at work I come up with the most fantastic ideas. I have gone from hostel owner, to pub manager, to shoe designer, to jewerly maker....the list goes on and on. But i am tried of just sitting and dreaming of all the posibilites that are out there. I want it to happen! i want to make it all happen!

There is a little store in Fayetteville, Arkansas full of the most unique and creative things. scarfs, boxes, jewerly etc... the owner, a Kiwi named Liz, travels all over the world collecting various pieces and then sells a bit of exotic kitch in arkansas! sometimes i think 'why isnt that me?' there is nothing stopping me from doing something like that....well money is, I guess. But there has got to be something out there! The Camden-town market is another one that gets me. All these little stalls and shops selling the coolest, most exotic things! where did I go wrong that I sit in an office all day instead of living on the beach in australia with a tan and dreadlocks?!

I have been wondering a lot lately how people actually get jobs that they like. I know loads of people who love what they do. It ranges from working for a huge accounting firm, to being in sales, down to one girl who makes jewlery and one guy who loves to wait tables! seriously?! how is it possible that no matter what I do I cant actually manage to find a job that even moderatly fulfills any desires that I have? i dont think its too much to ask.

so...something fantastic! some day that will be me! I know, I know, I dont need to wait until I get some magical job that suddenly grants every wish and desire I have ever had....but some day I wont feel stuck. Some day there will be options, and when that day comes, I will run as fast as I can to catch the dream that right now seems just a little too far out of my reach......

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