26 February 2008

preschool vs. earning money

The preschool was fantastic! I know I didn’t always appreciate it when I was there, but being away has made me miss almost everything about it. I loved that all day. every day I got to hang out with little ones. Outside time and snack time...man you cant beat that! Running around, finger painting, getting horribly dirty and messy, playing house, making funny noise, singing ridiculous songs, what is not to love?! Sure they cried and pooped a lot and more often than not threw their food every where....but compared to an office and a desk all day....well i think i will take the food fights!

I got an email today from Shannon Losacco, and it made my day! Shannon is the mother of little Sadie Rose. Sadie is just precious. She was in my class last year and was by far one of my favourites. I know we aren't suppose to have favourites, but I did. Sadie Rose and Carson. Oh, the Peter's family! Another one that I love. Somehow over the course of the year I managed to click with Shannon and Noreen (Noreen is Carson's mom) and have stayed in touch.

So the point is, receiving the email from Shannon reminded me how much I miss working with kids. I wish I had the chance to do it. I wish I could teach kindergarten. That is my ideal job! But alas, no teaching certificate or PGCE, and I am stuck. Stuck at a desk, working on a computer in an office full of older British men! Its really not as bad as I just made it sound, but it also is not the most fulfilling position either. But I can’t leave. It pays exceptionally well. That’s how it goes doesn't it? Preschool vs. money....shame the later of the two has to win today.

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