6 March 2008

up and go

I really enjoy living here. I like almost everything about London. I love that it is a change, something so different than what has become my 'norm' But lately I have been getting an urge that I just cant shake. I want to travel. I want to go and explore. I want to be out there in the big, wide world, just moving from country to country, experiencing life.

My uncle used to tease me, saying that I was the 'free spirit' in the family and you never quite knew what I was going to do. I miss that. I miss the freedom that exploring offers. I really chafe under conventional life. I am not a fan of the hierarchical institutions that I have to work in. It annoys me on a regular basis that I have to keep a job that is not my favourite because I have to pay bills. What am I not out there? Why am I not living in a small South American village working on my Spanish? Or Turkey....what about that? What am I not testing out the famous, ancient baths while eating authentic Turkish Delight?

I want to travel the entire length of the Trans-Siberian railway. I want to kayak around the entire north island of New Zealand. I want to ride a bicycle through southern Spain. I want to hike every mountain in Switzerland. I want to ride a boat down the Rhine. I want to hitch hike through Scandinavia. Of course, all with Rhys. But I want to do it! I want to up and go.

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