7 March 2008

from 1997 to 2008

When my brother got engaged back in 1997, I remember really distinctively being dragged to the mall with my mom and future sister in law to look at dish patterns, silver, glasses, bedding etc.... Oh, it was the most boring thing in the world! Then, when my parents wanted to move house, we drove all over Tulsa looking at houses, getting ideas, going through them....oh even worse than looking at dishes!

Now, in 2008, when I go on the internet, a good majority of that time is spent looking for houses! Mostly homes I can't afford, but still. Nice places with a huge garden out back, lost of room inside, big windows, a clean fresh feel. Funny how things change so much. I loved picking out my dishes when Rhys and I got engaged and I found it really enjoy going through bedding! Strange, I know.

So...how can I correlate wanting to live in my very own house with wanting to not be tied down and travel all over the world...well I am a weird person. What can I say, I have lots of different dreams. Never the less, I still want to do it all. Maybe that is my problem.....

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