27 March 2008

fiji and beyond

One of my colleagues is going to Fiji on business next month. First, the end of April, he is going to Hong Kong, then a month after that he is going to Fiji. Some other guys are going to Russia for a week. No matter how hard I tried, I could not convince anyone that I needed to be a part of these trips. So instead I will stay in the UK and just dream of a vacation...

Karon is a wonderful lady that I work with who has a beautiful house on Sanibel Island, right off the coast of Naples, Florida. She has said that I am more than welcome to use it anytime I want. That sounds very appealing. Perhaps that can be my vacation. Or a cruise. Florida got me thinking of Miami, which got me thinking that it is a leaving port for most Caribbean cruises. Maybe that could be my vacation. However, my most recent idea is a two week tour around Central America. Two weeks is not long enough, I know, but unfortunately that is all the time I could manage to take off. But how great would that be? Exploring the ancient Mayan ruins, relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Honduras, scuba diving in Belize.....hmmmm....that is a good dream.

If someone reading this would like to give me some money to take one of the aforementioned vacations, or any other one for that matter, I will gladly accept. In return you will receive not only several nice post cards from my exotic location, but also a big hug (from a much tanner Kristina) upon my return. I will probably be so gracious as to include a gift of the classic 'beach sand in used coke bottle' A classic gift from any beachfront destination. A fair trade if you ask me. Now look at what everyone from work missed out on by not taking me to Fiji, Hong Kong and Russia....humph!

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