14 March 2008

Chew Chew's

I am a creature of habit. Not in all things; in some areas I really crave change. but within that, I look for the familiar and repeat it day after day. Like Chew Chew's. Chew Chew's is a little hole in the wall cafe about 10 feet from the train station in Staines. Sine my office shares the same car park as the train station, the cafe is the place I go. From my desk to the door of Chew Chew's is exactly 27 steps. (yeah, I counted....) The woman who owns the shop calls out "hello doll" each time I come in and she knows exactly what I want. A Lipton Ice Tea with Lemon. Out of all the places in Great Britain I have been to, this is the only place I have seen that sells iced tea in a bottle. Iced tea is not really a British thing, and I was really missing it. Since I discovered Chew Chew's has it, i go every day. I don’t necessarily want an iced teas every day, but I really like the familiarity that the whole experience has to offer.

Take today for explain. I walked the 27 steps to the shop, walked in to a huge line. When the owner saw me she called out " hello doll" gave me my tea, for which I had the exact change ready, and out I went. In front of the line, all under 30 seconds. I love my weird habits. I love Chew Chew's. As long as I work in Staines I will be a loyal customer.

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racheljenae said...

so I'm guessing this is the blog you update more...? well stumbled across your blog when I was on Leahs and just wanted to say hello and hope you're enjoying life in Europe and married life as well!!!