25 February 2008

pleased and very tired

It has been a great last few days. Having Jamie and Laura over has been really fantastic. It has pleased my heart so much. It has made me want to move to Boston tomorrow instead of in three years! The last week was full of lots of activity....touring around London, lots of fun food, pubs, drinks, friends and lots of laughter. It was a great time! Now, come Monday, I am exhusted. But its a good kind of tired. Its not everyday that you get the chance to let lose for days in a row. I am very pleased at the way the last several days were spent. I was sad to say good bye at the airport on Sunday. I was surprised at how sad it really made me to see them go. I enjoyed having Laura around to just relax and hang out with. But at least I can look forward to the day when we will all live in the same town. I will go to bed at a normal time tonight. I will get my usualy 7 and a half hours of sleep. But even though I will be well rested, I will be a bit sad. I will miss Jamie and Laura and all the good times we had.

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