13 February 2008

the showers

I lived in California for the summer of 2002. Specifically in the back country of Kings Canyon National Park; a place only rivalled by New Zealand herself. It was an amazing and life changing summer. Kings Canyon will always hold a special place in my heart.

One of the reasons I loved that summer so much was my job. Most of the time I worked 'the showers' at the small little lodge situated 2.5 hours down the mountain, in the woods. Basically I sat at a desk all day and sold showers to the people in the camp sites. The building was pretty old, the showers were pretty gross and they were $2 for 15 minutes. But people lined up for them. Mostly though I sat and did whatever I wanted. I journalled, I collaged, I wrote letters, I ate food, I sun bathed my legs, I talked to my good mountain buddy Jason....it was fantastic. I had hours and hours each day to reflect on life. I could pray and read and create all the live long day!

For years I have wanted a job like 'the showers' Often when I was sitting at whatever job I had at the moment, I would fondly remember the good ole' days and wish for time to reflect and ponder like I had then. I often prayed for such a chance again. A time to really sort things out.

Well, my prayers have been answered! I am at 'the showers' again. Ok, ok so not quite the same. I have no sunlight and I can’t actually collage nor do whatever I want. But on the slow days (which are kind of often) I sit and journal and think and pray and create. It’s fantastic. And for the first time today it occurred to me that God had answered my prayer by giving me a job that gave me the time to be creative, inventive, peaceful, restful and reflective! How great is our God?!

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