12 April 2011

less than a week

in 6 days we will no longer be residents of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately I still have quite a bit to do. No matter how old I get, apparently I will never learn to plan ahead. Procrastination is the way I roll.

As such there will be no long post today, just a list. Part 2 of the list of things I will miss about the UK. I had intended to counter everything I will miss with something positive from the states. But I simply can not be bothered today. So know that I realise there are good things in the US. This post is just about the things I am going to miss.

-greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. this is AWESOME. why do we not do this in America?

-fish and chips, chip shops...(never mentioned this before eh?)

-bank holidays.

-28 days holiday a year. required. over five weeks, plus national holidays. awesome.

-proximity to continental Europe

-greener lifestyle

-pub culture

-the royal wedding. this made this list only because i will literally miss it on the day.

-public transport all over/around the country

-sidewalks. everywhere.

-camden town and the cheap Chinese stalls (kym and leah- my camden buddies)

-double decker buses


-marks and spencer sandwiches

-boots (and boots meal deal)

-sanctuary spa

-castles everywhere you look

-and along that note, the age and history of this country

-trains. I know I already said public transport, but I like trains.

-covent garden

-my vauxhall

-rich tea biscuits

-hand cooked crisps

-squash (as a drink, not the veggie)

-the cheese. oh my goodness, the cheese is incredible!

-the sense of humor. love it.

-and along with that comes comedy shows: live at the apollo, a league of their own, celebrity juice, john bishop's britian etc...

-cougar town. I realise this is an american show, but it is behind over here. So i will miss my spot in the show when I move. and I am really sad about it.


-Christmas lights on oxford/regent street

-match of the day


and last but not least, the people......mag, alan, kath, neil, nia, new baby, nain, mam gu, dio, viv, ian, lily, and the rest of the family. plus...jude, hayley, karen, katie, anj, bushra, and the babies, Hannah, james, caroline, chris, dan, oli, james, andrea, ads, tracey, the heley's, and the rest of the rugby boys, katherine, john, martha, malcom, evelyn and the rest of the brecon church and everyone else I have forgotten to mention. I will miss the people here tremendously.

we made friends that are irreplaceable and have memories that will last forever. I am starting to get a bit teary (and cheesy) so I will end this list here.

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