1 April 2011


Eleri is pretty awesome. She is so full of life and joy. I think she is the happiest child in the world. seriously. She is pretty great.

She loves her dad the most (I hate to say it, but its true) He can get to her to laugh like no one else. As soon as he walks in from work, everyone else ceases to exist. Daddy and daughter, its amazing. She doesn't even mind when he is all smelly from rugby (as evidenced below) she runs straight up to him- sometimes even onto the pitch! But she does like her mommy too! We like to build forts. They probably rank in top 3 favourite things to do for the little one.

She loves playing hide and seek and I often find her behind things or covered up with stuff. Like here, with the pillows. She will hold perfectly still and wait for you to 'find' her. precious. She loves to feed the ducks. Here she is running over to the duck pond, bread in hand.
She is also quite musical...perhaps we have a little prodigy on our hands. pretty much, eleri is just awesome! (especially in aviators) Happy weekend everyone!


kbrinkley said...

love. :)

sarah beth hawk said...

this little lady is something else! i cannot stop laughing at the "feeding the ducks" picture! too sweet! we WILL be in arkansas this summer, the first-ish of May. will you guys be around? we should definitely make plans to get together! so excited for your move, praying for the transition for all 3 of you!

Sohailah said...

she is DARLING! I need you ADDRESS! The one you will have in June... I know, I'm pushing it, huh? Or just remember this - August 13th at 1pm, the church you were baptized in, grew up in and were married in. (But I'd still like to send you an invitation)