31 January 2011


it was 2006. i was about to finish my masters thesis and graduate. i was bored at work one day and decided that a good use of my time would be to look for cheap plane tickets. you know, just in case. i found a flight to london for around $250. it was the same day as my graduation ceremony. i thought about it and decided 2 seconds later that i would much rather be in london that in arkansas. and i impulsively bought the ticket.

now, 5 years later, i find myself looking for tickets again. granted the circumstances are vastly different. i am no longer single wanting to travel around the world (although i do still want to travel) i am searching for tickets for a family of three.

£1872 is the cheapest i can find from london to tulsa.


if i was the cussing type here is where i would insert a long list of profanities at the outrages cost of air travel. what in the world!?! how do they expect people to afford that? nearly two thousand pounds!? sure, because most young families keep that kind of cash laying around. no problem.

but we have to go. there is no option. we have spent too much time, effort and money on rhys' visa to not immigrate. we are making the wise choice in coming to america. now if only there was an affordable way to get there. i realise the cost of living has increased since 2006. the cost of everything has increased. but seriously?! £1872. it is simply not affordable.

stupid cost of fuel and taxes.

so if any of you have a private jet you would like to share with us, that would be awesome. or if anyone has some spare tickets around we are more than willing to take those of your hands. in the meantime, my entire day today will be spent looking for cheap airfare. super fun. i imagine it will be a long, boring and costly day. good thing little e can occupy herself!

*edit: thanks for the comments/emails so far. to clarify: we want to travel some time mid to late April. and return to the UK sometime in September. destination can be either tulsa or dallas. Our flights have to originate from London (any airport is fine) and the first half of our trip- london to the US- eleri will be free as an under two. however the return leg -US to london- she will be over two and have to pay for a fare. awful i know. so i wont have any luck booking through a cheaptickets.com website. it has to be direct with the airline so they can arrange for the funny pricing. so there you go. those of you that enjoy looking for tickets and want to have a go- go! thanks. all the help is appreciated.


Lindsey said...

I'm trying to find tickets to Ireland for our first-ever significant family vacation, and ugh, the prices are insane for five adults. My best advice is to try hipmunk.com as a flight tool. Easiest and most comprehensive one I've tried, especially since they initially sort according to "agony" of the experience. Ha.

Silvy said...

what dates are you looking for? i love searching for airline tickets. eleri still flies free, right? hopefully that helps a little bit.

i usually start my search on www.kayak.com.

and i am still meaning to write back to your email soon...sorry for the delay!

kristina said...

thanks girls. my problem at the moment is that i have to book directly through an airline as eleri will fly free for one leg our of trip, but the return she will be two and need her own ticket. you can phone american, united etc... directly and they will sort out the difference, but i am not sure a site such as kayak, cheaptickets etc... would. but i will give it a go anyway. thanks friends!

Stefanie said...

But then won't you have to book a one-way flight back to the US from the UK? Are you secretly planning on not returning in September?

sarah said...

i'm wondering the same thing as stef. haha. so could you book a one-way for april, since you won't have to pay for eleri? and then your september flight could be the first leg of a round-trip. i'm sure you've already thought of all this. and in my experience, sometimes one-way flights are just as expensive, if not more, than round trip. which i think is the stupidest thing in the world. looking for plane tickets always ruined my excitement of coming home. so sorry you have to deal with it - i'm praying that you'll either win the lottery or find a really great deal!