31 January 2011

his armband proved....

the premiership is a funny thing. i dont want to assume that just because a good portion of those who read this blog are american females that the english premier league is not understood- but just in case i will explain.

the premier league is one of the biggest football leagues in the world. ah, soccer leagues i should specify. it is arguably the most recognizable with teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. even if you are not the sporty type of person, chances are you have heard of a team that plays in the premier league. and it is not only Brits that play in the permier league. people from all over the world, even some americans, count themselves as players in the most competitive sporting league in the world.

we are liverpool supporters. Well, i say we, but my first choice is Burnley. as they were relegated last year to the Championship I support liverpool until we make it back up. that and QPR on the side. but i hate chelsea. i know you are not suppose to hate anything, but chelsea fans are the worst. seriously. it is hard to explain english football fans to people who have not lived in the UK. it is not just a game. it is so much more, sometimes life and death. literally. and chelsea are the worst. or at least the worst to me. for nearly two years I commuted right through chelsea. (the team is named after the area they are located in London: Chelsea. more background for you there) Chelsea is one of the wealthiest areas of the city. but the fans are awful. awful, awful, awful. after a long day at work the last thing i wanted to do was be forced to stand shoulder to shoulder with large, smelly, drunk men chanting and singing about chelsea. boo chelsea.

but back to liverpool.

liverpool has their fair share of hooligans as well. but since i am far, far away from liverpool i dont see any of them. its much easier to support them peacefully. and one of Liverpool's players whom i enjoy supporting is Fernado Torres. He is a young Spanish footballer who transfered from a differnt club back in 2007.

the thing with football fans is they like to sing. come to think of it everyone in the UK likes to sing at sporting events- not just football. but i digress. the point is the liverpool fans came up with a song about Torres. click on the link and watch the full minute and twenty seconds. not only do you hear the song, but you see how crazy fans are.

we have sung Eleri the Fernando Torres song since birth. the first few months it was only that song and 'jesus loves me' that calmed her down. sad? perhaps. but true. all you have to do is start off with 'his armband proved he was a red...torres, torres' and she giggles away.

however, the other thing about the premiership that i haven't explained is the 'transfer window'. they can trade/buy players only certain times a year. off season in the summer and january. just the month of january. tonight at midnight the transfer window closes.

and Torres is in talks to leave Liverpool

and go to Chelsea.

remember my feelings about Chelsea? yeah, they suck.

i am hoping that it is all a big rumor and Torres was really not on Roman Abramovich's private helicopter being airlifted to chelsea tonight. but chances are he was. and chances are liverpool will sell him for the £50 million chelsea has offered. that was not a typo- fifty million pounds. here i am struggling to buy a plane ticket home and Torres is on just over £110,000 a week payment and a club wants to buy him for £50. perspective eh? but thats another story entirely.

the point of my 10 pages about football is that Torres is more than likely leaving liverpool and Eleri will be out of a song. this is a big deal in Kristina's world. I love the Torres song almost as much as Ele. and i am sad that today could be the last day we can sing it. yes, i am preparing myself to mourn the loss of a song. here's hoping that i will awake tomorrow with the news that Fernando is at Anfield to stay.

"his armband proved that he red, Torres, Torres....."
*edit: i have been told the link doenst work. so go to you tube and type in: Fernando Torres song on the Kop. ok, ok I know it requires some effort, but its a fun video. go do it. *

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Anonymous said...

Here are my comments: love that video, hate that Torres is gone, I would personally rank West Ham just above Chelsea (but perhaps thats because I had to share a pub with them for 2 years), I'll share 50 million with you any day, I'm guessing Liverpool is gonna need it all for their transfers!

Haha. Thats the I hate grad school, still have to so much to read comment!

Love you! Susanna