17 January 2011

mark one of the list

(two posts in a day, crazy i know.)

one of the things that i wanted to do this year was get a new haricut- something different from the long and straight i have had my whole life. well...i say whole life. there was that one time in university when i decided to shave my head. i chickened out at the last minute but not before i had cut my elbow length hair to just above my ears. not a good look for me. at all. it is safe to say that with the 40 pounds i gained that year, my freshamn year of university was not my most attractive.


i decided today was the day for a new look. so off i went.
here i am before (seriously, how long is that hair? crazy!)

and here is me after.

i cut 4 inches off the length and have 3 layers of layers. so quite a big change for me. but i kind of like it. its a bit different, but hey that is what 2011 is all about. a new, different year to 2010!!


Stefanie said...

Beautiful! I love it! I like that it is a bit of a different look without chopping off ALL of your hair. You look great with long hair, but even long hair needs a bit of an update now and then. Good job!

BrittanyMK said...

I really like it! I'm loving your bangs!!

sarah beth hawk said...

The bangs totally make your eyes pop! Love it!