6 January 2011

out of the jim jams...

and straight into my running shoes. my poor shoes have been sitting in a dark, lonely corner of the garage for the past 8 weeks. covered in dry, crusty mud the poor shoes have not so much as seen the light of day. last night i pulled them out, did my best to dust them off and hit the ground running.

ok, it was more of a jog. and by jog i mean fast walk. so really it was a regular walk but i moved my arms really quickly so that counts as a fast walk. sad how much fitness one can lose in 8 weeks of no exercise. in my case, it appears as though i have lost every last ounce of any fitness that i had. i went from running a 10K in an average of 50 minutes to running 1K in 10 minutes. that is sad. SAD!

granted i had a major injury and i need to take it slow to fully recover. but i want to jump straight back in to 8 miles a day. obviously that is not going to happen. i am however taking my 'running' seriously again. there is a half marathon in march that i want to run. depending on how the next two weeks of the 'working back into running' training regime i am starting, i may sign myself up!

we shall see. but my mornings and evenings will no longer be spent lounging around in my jim jams. i am back to the running clothes. the running shoes will take back their place of prominence and no longer be stuck in a manky garage. here's to a new year of my running; lets hope i can pick up the pace a bit....

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