1 January 2011

and the honour goes to......

Gift Prompt: Gift. This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?


i know that saying my husband as the answer is a bit cheesy but it is the truth. there is no other gift, tangible or otherwise, that has touched me so much this year as the unconditional love of my husband. and believe me the unconditional part of that love has really been tested this year.

to say that i have been difficult is putting it mildly. granted it has been a tough year, but that in no way excuses some of my actions. i have been unpleasant, grumpy and often times mean. unfortunately most of that gets directed at rhys when he is in fact the one person who has done nothing wrong.

this year has been full of change. i cant even count the number of posts i have written regarding our changing circumstances. dont worry, i am not about to go into the details yet again. and in the midst of what seems to be constant upheaval, rhys has remained a steady pillar of peace, support and love. he is tremendous. he has been my strength when i didnt feel capable enough to stand on my own. he has been my voice when i was too weak (and meek) to speak. he has been a constant faithful warrior- defending, protecting and providing for our little family.

often times it has seemed as though we were on a roller coaster; up, down and being thrown from side to side. but whatever came our way rhys always managed to handle it with grace and composure. i one the other hand, handled everything badly. think screaming banshee crossed with the hormones of a pregnant lady and then throw in a mental patient- time 5- and you are starting to get the idea. and even with my insane emotions rhys always listened, always cared and never got upset or frustrated with my crazed rantings. the patience he has shown this year has been incredible.

i realise that i just made it seem like i have been one big ball of insane this year. and while i will look back on 2010 and remember quite a few of my crazy moments, i will also remember some amazing ones as well. this year has taught me a lot about the principle of thinking before I speak, weighing my words carefully and not letting the opinions of others govern my actions. and i have my wonderful husband to thank for all of that.

the stability and support he has provided to our little family this year is unmatched. moreover, he has truly proven that he meant was he said on our wedding day. he has cherished, honoured and love me unconditionally through one of the hardest times of my life. he is more than a great father and a great husband. he is the most incredible man i know. the greatest gift i could have been given. ever.

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