19 January 2011

how do you hire a hit man?

i am not a vengeful person. in fact, i am pretty forgiving. it takes a lot to get me really mad and even then i never stay mad for very long.

but today i am mad. and sad. and hurt. and nearly broken- at my wits end about this particular situation.

i don't want to share a huge amount of details. in fact, i don't want to share any. but i will say this......

please pray for me and my family.

my family are good people. the best. They are loving, generous, giving, compassionate, super intelligent, kind, funny and really just amazing. and at the moment they are being attacked. some not so nice people are trying to do some not very nice things. hence the hit man.

the human side of me wants to hire a hit man to give the nasty people exactly what they deserve. ok, so i don't really want to do that. but i do want to take the no so nice people by their shoulders, give them a good shake and say "what the hell are you doing? you are lying, you are being deceitful. you are wrong" but i doubt it would do any good. nasty people are like that, unfazed by the truth. worst part? the nasty people know they are wrong and doing it anyway.

again, the hit man comes into play.

i wish there was something i can do. but i am trusting God. He has a plan. He is in control. and whilst i don't understand everything, i do understand that those who seek to do evil will never triumph in the end.

but in the meantime, please pray. pray for God's protection, provision, wisdom, understanding, my family are awesome and deserve only the best. please pray that that is exactly what they get- the best.


Katie said...

Ugh, Kristina, I'm so sorry. I just prayed and will continue to do so.

Sheyenne said...

Ugh from me too. I'm so sorry you're going thru this. We had a situation this past year where we were so very hurt and wronged by someone... its hard to sit there and know that you did nothing wrong, but have someone completely wronging you.

Praying for you all... you WILL get through it! This, too, shall pass.

Devi said...

Definitely praying for you and the whole family - stay strong, Kristina.