7 January 2011

only 4 left

'only 4 left' could mean any number of things.

only 4 months left until i leave the UK

only 4 months until i turn 29

only 4 more teeth until eleri has a mouth full

only 4 more days until i get my new pillow sewing pattern (i know, excitement abounds)

but in this case, the sentence 'only 4 left' refers to my toenails. yes. toenails.

i started november with 10. then i decided to run 78 miles. apparently my toes do not like the repetitive tap against the top of my shoe, mile after mile after mile after mile. first my big toe started to turn colours. but then my pinkie toenail suddenly fell off. then my middle toenail. then the one next to it. on both feet. at the moment i have lost 3 completely, 2 are hanging on with only about 1/3 of a blackish-green bit left and my big toe- the original one to start looking bad- is half gone. the half still sticking around will pull up to reveal a pretty gross underneath. and that leaves 4. nice.

so there you go. i only have four left. something to think about if you want to run lots of miles and then wear sandals. i am pretty darn glad it is not the season for flip flops.


Stefanie said...

Ha! It reminds me of Becky always losing her toenails! Also, is it gross that I kind of want to see a picture?

sarah beth hawk said...

Ouch ouch ouch! And I'm with Stef, I'm a sicko and want to see a picture! Ryan's two big toes are in a constant state of coming and going from rugby and I am always equally horrified and intrigued by the process.