2 February 2011

something new: january

One of my 'life list' goals for 2011 was to do something new everyday. at first i thought i was being a little ambitious. but one month into 2011, i think that it is actually quite an achievable goal.

now that i am a wife, mother and the official organiser for our family, i live by my planner. dont misunderstand, i am not any more structured today than i was 10 years ago. typing that i am not sure if that is a good or bad thing?... regardless, i write the daily menu, daily tasks, weekly tasks and any special notes in my planner. even if i only write down one thing to accomplish for the day, if it is in the book, it gets recognized and done.

all of that to say that i look often in my planner. at the end of the day when i am going over what is on the agenda for tomorrow, i simply recap the day and record the one new thing i tried. knowing i am going to write it down at the end of the day makes me do one new thing. see? achievable goal.

we had a busy january. i think january's tend to be busy regardless. coming back from holidays and sorting yourself back into the regular routine. I managed to do quite a few exciting, new things this month. and I also managed to do some stupid, new things. for example, creating a new family tradition? good. drinking a jaggerbomb through a straw? not so good. but regardless below is the complete list of all my 'something news' for the month.

-11 January became 'Oriental Food Day' for team williams. Coincidentally this also achieve another 'life list' goal: make a new tradition for every month. We randomly assigned the 11th to be oriental food day. my something new consisted of making fried sweet chili chicken from scratch as well as making sprout, bamboo and spring onion thin chicken from scratch. they were both fantastic. (and yes, from scratch needs to be emphasised because i am not much of a cook)
-e helped me unload the dishwasher- even the glass
-ELIM women's church group meeting
-Welsh school
-fancy dress party: e went as a Spanish Flamenco dancer
-made oven chips
-Sunday dinner with katherine and john (church friends)
-Brecon town with new friend Beth
-new brown vest for e
-e ate bangers and mash for the first time
-ran for the first time in 8 weeks
-marked 'British' on a form instead of American.
-night walk with rhys and e
-went to the pub with both the kids for afternoon pop drinks
-went on a walk in the rain with e
-had katherine over at night
-drank a jaggerbomb through a straw
-saw Jimmy Carr live
-took part one of the British Driving test
-had my hair cut and ended up with full fringe (bangs)
-went to Royal Lemington Spa
-discovered ebay Fashion Outlet
- Llangorse playgroup with e
-all day Merthyr outing
-went to school with Nia in the morning for no reason
-coffee Saturday morning with rhys whilst e napped (unheard in our house!)
-pizza for lunch for e

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Anonymous said...

This is a great list.. so happy for you :).