7 February 2011

it wasn't intentional...

Well, not really intentional. As I was typing out the post regarding out recent decision in the transition to America, I was caught up in my thoughts and it did not occur to me that I hadn't actually mentioned where we were moving. Once I hit publish and read through it later, I realised I left left the state out. But I decided not to go back and type it in. No particular reason except that it was a tough decision, one that we are still processing.

We have dear friends in both places. And I know that either Arkansas or Boston would provide us with great opportunities. And it was excruciatingly difficult to make the decision. As I said before, no place will have everything we want.

But I will tell you, my blogging friends, where it is that we are moving.


We have said from the beginning that it doesn't have to be forever. We reserve the right to say that middle America is not for us and move to Boston. Heck, we reserve to right to say America is not for us and move back to Europe. Just as we felt it time to move on from London, we want to stay open and honest to our needs as a family and a couple and realise that someday it may be time to move on again.

But for now, it is Arkansas.


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Mandy & Dave said...

We'll likely be there too in a few years... We can reminisce about life in the UK.

Sohailah said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When?