4 February 2011

Go Wales!

Tonight is the first game of the 6 nations. Wales v England. One of my goals on the 'Europe list' was to get Rhys tickets to the game. and I manged to get a ticket, but sadly I could only get one. So Rhys is going to the game but little e and I are supporting from the house instead of the stadium. Regardless, we are still proudly sporting our jerseys.

This morning little e would squeak with delight and raise her little arms in the air and chant 'Wales, Wales, Wales' (to be fair, it sounded more like alhes, alhes, alhes but i knew what she was saying) I decided it was too great of a photo opportunity to pass up so out came the camera. As soon as she saw it, no smile. no chant. no arms waving in the air. just this face.
The face that says "mom, you take WAY too many pictures. no more. I am done. No smiles from me today!"

I kept trying to get a good shot, but as soon as she saw the camera, anything became more interesting than me.
"look a giant measuring cup. this is way more fun than smiling for my mom"

"ooooh, I can pretend to drink and cover my entire face at the same time. this way mom can't get a good shot at all. "

"look mom, my entire arm fits in the pint glass. fun right?"

and then she decided she had to stick her tongue out in every picture.

so we settled on this on. still no smile or 'go wales' hands in the air, but she is still adorable.

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