24 August 2009

big e's frist trip

big e's first outing was at 3 weeks. my mom and dad were in town and together with rhys all of us packed in the car for the 2 hour drive to Stratford-upon-Avon. The home of Shakespeare. what 3 week old doesnt want to tour around a dead poets house? so off we went. the sun was shining, the weather was perfect, the company was fantastic and baby eleri was, of course, perfect. it was a great day.

but all that day required was a diaper bag.

it didnt matter that we were away from home, even a 2 hour drive away from home. it was just a day trip. and all that we needed to take for the babe was what she would need for the day.

tomorrow we are going to Wales. FOR 6 DAYS. 6 days. ok, not a lifetime, i realise. but this trip requires packing. and i have never packed for a baby before. granted it is not as difficult as say, preforming brain surgery, but its still a task. how many outfits do i bring? what about blankets? and diapers? and what about burp clothes? Plus its not just any trip down to wales, its special. its Rhys' parents anniversary, his sisters birthday and we are having a party for big e with all of rhys' university friends on the Saturday. so yeah, big events. not only do i have to think about what i am going to wear, but what little eleri is going to wear. she's gotta be at her best you know. people to meet and all. wish me luck on the packing. and the trip. here's hoping she stays on her nice 4 hour in the day and 7 hours at night schedule. i love that schedule.

big e is sleeping at the moment. my plan was to use this time to pack and get things situated as we are leaving tomorrow morning after we register her. (see note at bottom, its explains 'registering her') but instead i am blogging about not knowing what to pack and now little baby noises are coming from her room. she is awake. she will want to play now. which means mommy has lost her nice window of time to pack. good idea to blog, eh?

...ok registering the baby. they dont do birth certificates in the hospital over here. NHS cutting costs and all. so you have to make at appointment at the registration office sometime after the birth and go get a birth certificate. so technically eleri doesn't exist. she has no official documentation saying that she was born. nice, eh? tomorrow, over a month after she was born, is her allotted time to be registered. so rhys is going tomorrow. yeah, the baby doesnt even have to be present. you just go and say you had a baby and get a birth certificate. good, and safe, method. gotta love that NHS.

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Sheyenne said...

So that whole thing about registering is pretty crazy! What happens if you just never register? Hmmm... that could be interesting... I'm dying to see more pictures of your little darling! Have fun on your trip!