19 July 2010


ah. team williams is back from holiday and adjusting to normal life. We had a crazy few months and even though this summer is busy, things are starting to slow down.

I have quite a few thoughts swirling around in my head, countless blog post waiting to be typed out. thoughts on leaving london, moving to wales, immigrating to america. thoughts on cyprus, and the feeling it gave me to watch my little girl walk in the exact same spots where Paul and the Apostles walked. thoughts on life really.

but as i am still a bit limited on time, i will post a very much over due 11 month post for little e.

my little e is so close to being a year its crazy (this saturday!!) but this past month has been like light years in terms of development. she is such a little star. Eleri walks everywhere now. its amazing. i love having a little person follow me around everywhere. and nothing can compare to the feeling i get when e spies me from across the room and toddles as fast as she can, laughing all the way, straight into my arms. ah. its perfection.

she can point out all of her major body parts and it particularly found of telling you where her nose and toes are. she loves to dance to any kind of music, even the background music on the tele commericals. :)

she loves her food. especially fruit, peppers and humous, cheese and yogurt. she is such a good eater. We have switched off formula to regular milk now and she is pretty good about drinking the milk out of her cup. i am trying to get rid of all bottles now and that is proving a bit difficult in the night. ah well, she is not even a year. it will all come soon enough.

this past month has been amazing! looking back i cant believe how much she has grown in just these few short weeks

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