24 August 2010

Llanfihangel Talyllyn

that is the name of the village where i live. if there was ever any doubt, welsh is a crazy, crazy language. and that name is even hard to pronounce than it is to spell. i think it will take me a while to achieve my goal of speaking welsh....

this sunday was the Llanfihangel Talyllyn village show. there were cake and vegetable contests, painting, drawing, photography, and flower arranging competitions. not to mention the dog, horse and cattle showings. it was a proper country show.

little e had a GREAT day. it was her first time in a bouncy castle. safe to say she LOVED it.

there was also a fancy dress contest at the show. the theme was scarecrow. as eleri is allergic to hay and grass, we decided to hand stitch pieces of yarn to her jeans and shirt to make it look like straw. good idea, very time consuming! but the effort paid off because eleri won FIRST prize!! my daughter is awesome!

it is the little things like this village show that make living in the incredibly tiny village of llanfihangel talyllyn exciting. i am glad we went. it was a good day.


Lani said...

all your hard work paid off girl, the outfit is so super cute and I am so glad she won a prize for all your labor. Your daughter is so adorable

Silvy said...

i love LOVE her outfit! very impressive that you made it :).

yes, e and parks should definitely be school aged friends if you move to arkansas (you better move here someday!! :))

ally said...

cutest scarecrow ever!!!