11 December 2008

Christmas Time

I cant believe it is Christmas time already! Seriously? where did this year go? I always remember my parents saying that years flew by, and i used to think? really? i don’t think so... crazy old people. But I completely understand where they are coming from. The years do fly by. and I can believe it is Christmas already.

And, after really loads of blog posts about Christmas trees and decorations, hearing Christmas carols, seeing lights up everywhere... I finally decided it was time to get in the holiday spirit and I have decorated our flat. Out came the Rat Pack Christmas CD and up went the tree. and whilst these decorations in no way compare to Katie (whose tree is my favourite by far) here you go. our Christmas decorations...

I took an up close picture in an attempt to fool every one into thinking our tree is huge. In fact, it is only 19 inches tall...

this is our tree in its entirety. try not to be jealous people.

i do really like this little jar of gold balls and red beaded coasters. i think its a nice touch.

and last but not least, the santa tray.


Katie said...

Kristina, you crack me up! I'm glad you like my tree. I like yours, too!! And you have other decorations, too, which is way ahead of me. I just found our Advent Wreath ... aaaaaand that's about it. I like your ornament jar and your Santa tray!!

Lindsey said...

What, a secular Santa and no baby Jesus in the manger?! :)

LOVE the gold ornaments in the vase. I tried that last year and I don't think I had enough. It ended up looking like Tetris.