5 September 2009

having a baby is not......

like getting a very, very, tiny flatmate.

sure there are similarities, like her stuff is everywhere and she has taken over the bathroom. but thats about where they end.

but having a baby is amazing in its own right. she has the most precious smile, the biggest blue eyes, the softest baby skin ever, and the sweetest little giggle...but this week she has also acquired a little cough. it is the saddest, most pathetic sound i have ever heard. and it breaks my heart.

the cough also comes with a cold and to prevent it from settling in her lungs, we have medicine. little tiny drops that i have to put in her nose. and that breaks my heart too.

and a baby that doesnt feel well takes up extra time. which is great because i love spending time with my little one, but it means the blog is getting neglected. soon there will be stories and pictures abounding. but for now, the baby beckons

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