26 November 2009

im here. finally.

hello america. we have arrived. after 20 hours of travelling, man! i am SO glad to be on solid ground. I will have a post shortly about the plane journey of me and the 4 month old, but for now i will leave you all with some some great quotes from the trip so far.

"well thats a Gerber baby if i have ever seen one!" flight attendant on the plane

"i was holding your baby and then the flight attendant came and FORCEFULLY took her out of my hands because she wanted to hold her instead. bitch." from the woman across the isle who held eleri when i went to the bathroom. people were literally fighting over her.

conversation between me and a woman in the customs line when we landed in chicago

woman: "oh what a cute baby. what is her name?"

me: "eleri"

woman: "LARRY?! i thought it was a girl!"

"wow what big eyes! i think she might be the cutest baby i have ever seen. probably even cuter than my own baby" woman in chicago.

conversation between me and mikey, my 6 year old nephew.

mikey: "i just drew a picture of eleri with a mustache"

me: "what? eleri doesnt have a mustache!"

mikey: "no, not yet. but she may grow up to have one. you just never know."

so far its been good. and as tomorrow is thanksgiving, i imgaine the trip will only get better.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Katie said...

LOVE these quotes!! Sounds like Eleri was a hit!! Those ladies on the plane were probably thrilled to have a delicious baby for them to oogle over during the entire flight!!

Happy Thanksgiving, friend. Welcome home :).

Saskia said...

Loved this! Eleri makes friends or should I say recruits fans wherever she goes!!

Happy thanksgiving!


Leah said...

my favorite of all is mikey's comment. love it!

miss you friend. come to denver with eleri!!

Sohailah said...

I LOVE those quotes - ahh... the joy. Yes, Mikey, you never know... that's what bleach is for...