20 November 2009

tuesday is coming fast

i leave on tuesday. i will be gone from my house for 42 days. that is a long time to have to pack for, especially when that invloves packing for a little one. and i really havent even started yet. good plan kristina, good plan.

but what is really making me nervous is the day of travel. here is what is looks like

6.30am: arrive heathrow

9.00am: plane leaves heathrow

9 hours later.....land chicago

customs, baggage re-check, terminal change

4 hours later.....leave chicago

6.30pm: land tulsa

plus throw in a crazy 6 hour time change and there is my day. the long haul flights are bad enough when its just me. and i can read, watch movies or sleep.

there will be no sleeping or watching movies this time around. just me and little ele. and its kind of freaking me out.

not the fact that i will have my daughter all day, because we do that all time. its the having to occupy a 4 month old on a plane. and what about the air pressure? what if it bothers her little ears? and what about sleeping and diaper changes, and toys, and breast feeding? so many questions. and instead of dealing with them in a calm, cool and collected way....well, i am kind of freaking out. maybe once i start packing and get some things out of the way, i will feel better.

but until then, i need some help. any suggestions? any tips on flying with a little one? even if you dont have kids, but you have a good idea, throw it at me. i am accepting all the help i can get!!

oh, and eleri's british passport just came in the post today! woo hoo!! she has both her passports now; we really are all ready to go!


sarah said...

get there early and try to get a basinet seat. they are amazing. nurse her as much as she wants - it'll really help with the ears. if you have a basinet, you can just change her diapers and clothes there - that's what we did with matthias this trip. if not, there actually is plenty of room in the bathrooms. and the basinet was big enough to hold some toys and stuff, plus you have lots of room on the floor in front of you to put stuff. i would also suggest making sure you have an extra blanket to put on her when she sleeps. some of the planes we've flown on have been really cold for the babies. i think she's at a good age - hopefully she'll sleep a good amount. good luck!

Lisa Ensor said...

Honestly the younger the better- once they can walk... wow. I took baby b on a trip at 8 months and he did really good! Just keep her sucking during the take off and landing (either paci, bottle or nursing) and her ears shouldn't be a problem.
Also keep a good book close by- once they fall asleep there is no moving around!
I've traveled by myself recently with baby b and it's harder by yourself- but totally doable! Just have fun and call it your "ADVENTURE" instead of a scary trip alone. I almost left with more confidence in myself- I though if I could do that trip by myself- there isn't anything to big for me!

You'll do great!

Sohailah said...

i've heard that baby tylenol is good for these sorts of trips...

Krista said...

I agree with the others that said to nurse her often or let her suck on a pacifier or whatever she prefers. Also, the best way to go about these things is to be prepared for problems, but don't plan for them. If you try to plan for everything that may or may not happen, you get yourself worked up and then it feels way more stressful than it should. I flew with my little guy at 3 months and then again at 12 months. 3 months was a lot easier because he didn't want to get down and walk everywhere at that age. However, I was a lot more stressed about the trip at 3 months old and I wore myself out worrying about it before and during the trip. The second time around I just decided not to worry and to respond to whatever situation I found myself in. I felt more at ease even though things did not always go smoothly. Good Luck!

Katie said...

I agree, the earlier the age, the better! Eleri will do wonderfully. Just remember to take a deep breath and stay calm--she'll feed off of your nerves! Everyone had really wonderful advice. You'll do great!