11 May 2010

15 down, eleven billion to go.

i have packed 15 boxes. who knows how many more are left, but my estimate of eleven billion is probably pretty close. moving is a big task. moving overseas is an enormous task. it is not just the packing, but the detailed custom forms, tax documentation, insurance and that doesnt come close to the total cost of shipping across an ocean. oh, how i wish i could just rent a U-Haul. I would love to haul it all myself. as i am not a ship captain, i dont see that happening.

it has been interesting to say the least to try and pack with a mobile 9 month old. as i put things in the boxes, she find it is great fun to take things out of the boxes. e has even managed to tape herself inside one of the boxes. i think that has been the highlight of my packing experience so far. well, that and the awesome box forts. and the pirate ship.

aside from packing, it will be a busy next few months. the plan is to be out of our flat within about 4 weeks. then the 3 of us will spend a few more weeks staying with friends. then its off to Wales for a few months and finally land in arkansas sometime in september. typing out september makes it seem like quite a long to go. it also seems like quite a long time to be living out of suitcases. but i say i like travelling, so maybe i can convince myself that since i am living out of a suitcase, i am travelling?.... worth a try.

We will actually be travelling quite a bit before we go. we are trying to take in as many european destinations as weekend trips before we move and our weekend trips become places like Dallas and Eureka Springs. I am not saying there is anything wrong with those places, we have friends in those places (Hi Mel!) but if i had the option, i would always choose spain over texas. between now and september we have Denmark, Spain, France, and several varied excursions within the UK planned. as i said before, aside from packing, we have a lot going on.

and even though the packing does make it seem more real, especially when i go to get something and realise "oh yeah, i have already packed that" but i still cant believe that we are moving. some days i cant wait to leave and sometimes i wish rhys' visa wouldnt come through so we would have to stay. some days i feel both of those things. i suppose it will be like that until we are settled in our new home. but its so hard. take for example last week. i received a great email from an old friend back home. (hi megan!) it made me so excited to move back to arkansas. but then last friday i had a fantastic late birthday celebration with my girls here. nothing says happy birthday like a revolving dance floor. and it made me not want to move. sigh, guess i am going to have to get used to the roller coaster rides that are my emotions.

and i suppose i will also have to get used to my house looking like this

but everything will get done that needs to get done. we will enjoy our time with friends and our travels. we will have good family time in Wales and soon enough both rhys and i will adjust to our new home. but in the meantime...if any of you local readers want to come help me pack, you are more than welcome! come on over!


Katie said...

Oh man! I still can't believe you're coming home, Kristina! Your life is one big adventure and I love reading about it. I can't wait to hear about your last minute trips before you make it across the pond to us.

And E is just too cute!!

Sohailah said...

Wow - girl... I am impressed with you and your life. I hate packing, too.

Yes, it is travel - like tour guiding - living out of a suitcase, right? SO, when Elli is older, you can be a tour guide for this company - you'd be great at it.