11 July 2011

this year vs. last year: the 4th.

Last year on the 4th of July, Team Williams was in Paphos, Cyprus. Here we are on the evening of the 4th, enjoying a nice, relaxing Greek dinner.

Eleri was looking super British in her full coverage, one piece suit as she splashed around in the sea. The same sea that the Apostles splashed around in. (ok, maybe they were not splashing so much as teaching people about Jesus)

But there were signs every where, letting you know they had been there.

We visited ruins....

and then some more ruins...

But there was no cook out in the neighborhood. We didn't see American flags waving on every corner, on every house. No patriotic songs were heard and although I made everyone in the family wear red, white and blue- all in all it was a normal day. No special mention of America. And even though I was having an awesome time livin' it up Cyprus style, I was a bit sad. and missed my country.

This 4th of July we were in America. The first in a while for me, and the very first ever for every other member of my family. And let me tell you, we lived it up American style.

Barbecue in the afternoon with my family and grandma; we ate more ribs and hot dogs than you could count. We had some great pool and park time followed by a neighborhood cookout with some of our new friends. Kids running around, fireworks being set off in the street, and more American flags then I have ever seen. As it started to get a bit dark, everyone gathered in the driveway...

and the fireworks began. Eleri was amazed. She found a nice spot next to her friend Silas and enjoyed the show

This was the firework display in Tulsa. Pretty awesome, espeically considering that for years I have had no fireworks on the 4th.

(photo: activerain.com)

Look at her face! she loved it!

I know it is the 11th and this post is a bit late for the 4th of July, but I am a bit slow with the picture uploading. It was fun to compare this year vs. last. Nice to have had both experiences, but great to be in America for Independence Day. Happy 4th!

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sarah beth hawk said...

both 4ths sound fantastic to me! but the show stopper, is definitely el's swimsuit last year. i am dying over it! i wish they had suits like that here, i would've definitely put it on liam at the beach!