8 July 2011


we are here and all is well. it has just been a really, really busy last few weeks. As way of a quick update, we have...

-decided to build a house. we have spent hours (and I mean hours) looking at lots, plans, design etc... and are still in the process of narrowing everything down.

-we have been trying to find cheap tickets to london. a bit of an oxymoron 'cheap tickets to london' but we have a return trip ticket for 22 september. but nothing that gets us from london back to america. we are working on that. seriously folks, how did tickets get so expensive? who has a spare $3,000 lying around? where is easy jet when you need it!

-as long as we are on the subject of trips, we are in the midst of planning a trip to Disney world. Little E is obsessive about Mickey Mouse so we thought it would be great fun. A little tip, use British travel sites to book things in America. 7 nights at a Disney resort, breakfast included, for $354! not each, total. Benefits of knowing where to look!

-we celebrated 4th of July in America for the first time in 6 years. Well, my first time in 6 years- Rhys and Ele's first time ever! it was awesome. pictures to come later...

-did I mention that we are building a house and that takes up a lot of time?

- E is almost two! I decided to go a little crazy this year. you know, like I didn't go crazy last year to...hmmm she had 3 one year party's. guess I just like birthdays. we are doing a mickey theme per eleri's request and it is next weekend. So excited!! and planning this has been super fun. what is not super fun is making mickey mouse invitations that require hand stitching. never again!

-we still go to the pool, and the park, and the splash pads everyday. we are making the most of the sunny, summer weather and it keeps up quite busy!

so that is us in a nut shell. whenever I find the camera, I will post pictures. but until then, happy weekend everyone!


Sohailah said...

awww - I LOVE this post. Really British sites - like which ones?

We've been thinking about building. Except we hate the idea of close neighbors. And we wanted a house with character. but, we are also kinda picky. Of course, we should probably get married first. Are you two for sure coming?

Sheyenne said...

Sounds like you are doing great!! How exciting to be building! I know Tulsa area has some beautiful new subdivisions going up. And how in the WORLD did you find that deal on British sites? I'd love to know where to look for things like that!

I'm with you on the expensive tickets... it stinks! Our tickets to Egypt were about $3000 last year... blah. Sometimes you can get cheap (well, cheap-ER) flights overseas out of Chicago... we're about 3 hours from there if you ever want to come stay then fly out of there! Just throwin' that out there... :)