24 June 2011


knee deep mud, sleeping in tents, non stop rain, no showers or facilities, only snack bars, well and alcohol bars, and about 100,000 people crammed into one space. sound like fun?

what about if I said that U2, Colplay, the Low anthem, beyonce, chemical brothers, kaiser chiefs, cold war kids, paul simon, mumford and sons, white lies, queens of the stone and about 50 other bands and performers were going to be sharing that space too?

now does it sound like fun?

It sure as heck does to me! Wednesday marked the start of the Glastonbury Music Festival. Not familiar with it? go here and check it out. The festival started on a farm in Glastonbury, England in 1970 and has been going strong ever since. It is not a festival for the mild, but for the true music fan with tickets costing hundreds of pounds and the conditions less than favourable. But the music is well worth it. new bands, established bands, bands you will probably never hear of again. it is awesome.


Obviously we are not going as it is friday afternoon and I am sitting at my computer in tulsa, oklahoma. but i sure wish I was. The forecast for the weekend is rain and more rain. followed by intense mud and some more rain. and there is no other place that i would rather be. bring on the music!

sigh. maybe 2013.

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