2 June 2011

the news

In literal news, there was a major siege at a bank today just 2 blocks down from my flat in london. a man had an 'explosive device' and was threatening people at the bank. after a 3 hour stand off with police the man surrendered and all was ok. what?! specialist firearms police were called in. shops evacuated, houses evacuated. streets closed off. If we were still living there, we could not have gone home. the road to our flat was closed off! crazy! (full story on BBC.co.uk)

In not actual news, just 'The Life of Kristina' news here is what is going on:

- Eleri is awesome. Here she is waving from the sun roof of my parents car. You know, cause thats a fun thing to do. and she is pretty rad.

-We bought the little one big girl furniture. thats right, big e has a big bed now. Granted it still dosen't have a mattress, but we are getting there. the furniture is amazing!! and once i get it all set up (with her amazing bedding) i will post a picture.

- we have pretty much gone to the pool nearly everyday for the past week. it is incredible. I love having a pool (parents place, not ours) and some days I think eleri is going to explode with excitement. she walks around with her bathing suit saying "me b-suit. me b-suit. me in pool. me in pool" if we dont make it to the pool fast enough, oh boy! But she loves it. Look at how adorable!

-living in Tulsa requires 2 cars. I was hoping that we could avoid buying a car. My parents have an extra car that they have so generously donated to Team Williams. In my attempt to bring a european lifestyle to tulsa, I decided we would try to walk places when Rhys took the car to work. Uh, yeah. Not so much happening in south tulsa. We walked for just over an hour, on the side of the road, no stroller, in 90 degree heat to get to the closest park. E wasn't happy and believe me, by the time we got to the park, neither was I. Tulsa is not a walking place. We need two cars to get around.

Our plan is a cheap, tiny car with good gas mileage. Rhys will take that one to work and I will get the more reliable one with e. But...cars are expensive. and we may or may not have spent all of our money buying eleri bedroom furniture. (but her room looks awesome!)

if you know of someone selling and/or giving away a car, let us know!

-There is a chance my little one is colour blind. Rhys has red-green colour defenceny which is a fancy way of saying 'colour blind'. It is hereditary, so there is a good chance little e could be. She is still a bit young to be tested officially, but it has been medically suggested.

Why am I putting this on my blog? Because E is still awesome. Technically it is classed as a disability. There are support groups and everything. Special classes etc... And that is not the way for us. E is awesome. She is brilliant. She is advanced beyond her age without a doubt (some of that plays into the colour blind theory) In no way is she disabled. and I WILL NOT let anyone put that label on her. She is capable in every way. So I open this up for discussion. Do any of you out there have a child that is colour blind? or dyslexic or anything? what is that like for you?

(reading back through this I have noticed that I am still spelling the British way....colour, color...same thing, eh?)

-We have found a church that we really like. Rhys and I loved our church in London. Soul Survivor is an incredible place and we really enjoyed. Our church in Brecon was awesome. Small, down-home but lovely. and full of lovely people. We have started going to Redeemer Covenant here in Tulsa and it is great. We have already met some neat people and are starting to get involved. Such a blessing to find a place so quickly. We are so pleased.

-Because we live in Tulsa, I get to hang out with my dear friend Bethanie all the time. She is great, she has a daughter one month younger than eleri and we have balls of fun together. So wonderful. below are little e and noa together at the park.

-I have gotten some comments and emails from people I did not know read the blog. I love to read other people's blogs- getting ideas and just hearing how others do thigngs is fun. So if you read this blog and are not a follower, become one. :) that way I know where you blog and can read yours too! I like the comments/questions/readers. so Thanks!! :)

So that is us right now. We have some project going on and things we are doing, but more on that later. Enjoy the weekend everyone....we are headed to the pool!


LaVon said...

Well, I have to say that yes, Chloe has a disability....BUT, because of it she has surpassed any and all expectations that both we and her teachers have expected. When she lost all hearing back in '07, I thought it was the end of our journey at Darnaby elementary....not the case! They rallied around us and since we have managed to see just how intelligent a daughter we have. I'll admit I was worried....the stigma that comes with saying "...has a disability" and the endless meetings that go along with the IEP for school I wasn't looking forward to. But all that said, it's amazing how their brains , when one sense is taken, compensate with another. Chloe will enter 5th grade in the fall and as of the end of school was testing at a 9th grade 6th month reading level and a 7th grade 3rd month math level! Straight A's both semesters!!!!! So even if E is labeled as a child with a disability, it in no way defines who she is. Oh, by the way....we're fairly certain Andy is colour blind as well:)

SushiMama said...

I found your blog today from Footy Pajamas, and just had to comment after reading your last few posts. I also live in Tulsa, but my dad was in the Airforce, so we moved around a lot. No matter where you are, or how great it is, there will always be things you miss about the other places. Always.

Also, I'm not a mama yet (hopefully soon), but I was diagnosed with narcolepsy within the past two years, which is a disability. It was hard at first, to think of myself as having that "label", but I don't really think about it as much anymore. When I do, it's because it explains a lot of things and actually makes me feel more normal. In my experience, it was worse just thinking there was no reason for what I was experiencing, rather than being labeled. Now I take medication, and while there's no medicine for color blindness, there may be ways of working around it?

Ok, long comment, but glad to have found your blog, and I'll be following along as you transition to Tulsa!