9 June 2011

7 weeks in pictures

As discussed yesterday, we have been in the US for 7 weeks. I finally figured out how to upload pictures to my parents computer, so here it is- what the last 7 weeks has looked like for Team Williams.

Our boxes arrived 4 days after we did! This truck showed up in our driveway...

and unloaded all of these boxes to the garage. Everything we own sits in those boxes. We were quite pleased to see them. On a less positive note though, there is one box that rattles when you lift it. The rattle of hundreds of pieces of broken glass. We have no idea what is in there, but whatever it is- it is broken. One day when we open everything up, we shall see...

We did however open up the box that contained little e's London train set. She loves cars/trains and this all wooden set is just the reminder of 'home' we needed.

My parents took us to the Bixby Bar-B-Q festival. Whilst e wasn't a massive fan of the food, she did love the bouncy castle.

Remember yesterday my complaint about walking in Tulsa? Yeah. This is the day we tried to walk to the closest park. No sidewalks, cars a few feet away, boiling hot...not the most awesome idea.

I turned 29.

E has been hanging out with her Great Gram-Gram.

But if I am honest what takes up the majority of our time is the pool. We spend hours at the pool, or pool parties, or just playing around with the hose.Pretty much anything that involves water. The weather is so nice I can't really stand to be inside so water time it is!

We also took our first big trip in the US. It was a family excursion with Mimi and Papa (my parents) to Six Flags. It was pretty awesome. Little e loved all the rides and Rhys tried his very first taste of funnel cake. Success.

Unfortunately we have also had to spend some time in our designated tornado shelter. Welcome to Oklahoma Rhys....we have lots of tornados!

There you have it. A picture heavy post, but a visual guide to our 7 weeks stateside.

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Hayley said...

Love it ! You all look so happy but miss ya loads! xx