10 June 2011

6 years exactly.

Exactly six years ago today I met Rhys. I discussed all the details in THIS post, but I couldn't let the 10th of June pass without some special recognition.

If someone had told me in 2005 that in 6 years I would be married to a random British dude that I met in New Zealand and have a 2 year little girl...I probably wouldn't have believed them. But here we are, six glorious years later.

In the grand scheme of life six years is not long. Heck, some of my closest friends have been married for six years, not just known each other. But for us it is wonderful. Our whirlwind of a romance that spanned 3 continents, 5 countries and only 79 days of time spent together is magic to me.

and it all comes down to 10 June 2005.

Happy 6 years kiddo. I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything!!

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