6 June 2011

on potty training.

eleri is basically potty training herself. I am not sure why, but it almost like I am holding off on starting the actual training. For months she has asked about the potty, gone to sit on the toilet and told us whenever she is wet or poopy. She doesnt like being either. and she doesn't like wearing diapers.

But the training just seemed like a process. Back in Wales when she was asking to go to the potty, we let her but didn't push it. she asked all the time. my reasoning for not starting then was we had a big move and flight coming up. with rhys immigrating i couldn't even begin to estimate how long it would take us to get through customs. i did not want to even image a newly potty trained 19 month old waiting in customs lines. or on a 10 hour flight. how many changes of clothes/underwear would i have needed?! so we waited.

Then we first got to america it was the excuse of 'we just moved' or 'she is adjusting' and 'we dont want to have too many changes all at the same time' So even though she was fighting to not wear her diapers. and asking (and actually going) on the potty, we still waited.

Until today.

She is regularly pooping and peeing on the potty. just what you wanted to know right? all about my child's bodily functions. The only thing holding her back is her diaper that she cant always get off quick enough. So today we switched from diaper to big girl underwear. she is so excited.

that excitement means we have spent the majority of our day in the bathroom, as E pulls her underwear up and down and sits on the potty. but it was time.

she is ready, whether mom is or not. Potty training her we come!

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Sohailah said...

such a shame. none of the torment of not WANTING to be potty trained. do you feel like you are missing out? :) love ya!