28 November 2011

my new best friend, the toilet.

So....I am pregnant. Very exciting. But also, well, let's just say that I am tired of throwing up 15 plus times a day. I am just over 13 weeks and although it would be wonderful if the sickness would let up, I am not holding my breath.

I have felt a little bit better the last few days. Which means that I have only thrown up 10 times a day. Last Friday I kept a little tally-mark count on my hand. 27 times. That's right folks, if you wonder where I have been, that's where. Stuck with my head in the toilet, throwing up 27 times. yuck.

So despite my best intentions to be thankful everyday in November and post pictures of our trip to the UK and our fun adventures in London last month, I am lucky if I can get out of bed and feed the daughter that I already have. It has been a struggle to say the least!

But because so much has gone on, here is a quick update:

-Went, and came back, from London and Wales. It was awesome.
-WE bought a house!!! YAY!!!
-We move into said house in 9 days.
-As stated before, I am pregnant.
-We are looking to buy another car. unless one of you out there knows someone who is giving one away.... :)
-Thanksgiving was AWESOME! I only threw up a little food, but it was wonderful to be in America for an American holiday.
-Did i mention that we bought a house? Finally, after 18 months of living with various parents and in-laws, we will be in a house of our own!!

Ok, so thats pretty much it. and now I am going to throw up.


Sheyenne said...

Oh, no fun! I'm assuming you've tried all the things that people tell you to try? I took Zofran with Gia and that was a life-saver. Well, it allowed me to show up to work instead of just laying in bed... but can't say I was terribly productive. Anyways, congrats on all the new stuff in your life! :) Hope the sickies ease up soon!

Sohailah said...

So wait - is the house you bought and moved in to the one that you were building? That's really quick. Or is it another one? Or is it not quick at all, but just a reflection of how quickly life is flying by?

Mark and Megan said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy and the house! Hope the sickness subsides quickly - it's no fun. It was fun running into you a few months back at RCC --will look for you again next time we are in town.