22 March 2012

some brain vomit

In 7 weeks I will have 2 little girls living in my house. That is both crazy and wonderful.

I am beyond exhausted. Seriously. Maybe I just dont remember being this giant and tired and worthless at this point in my last pregnancy, but man! It is a struggle to do anything.

I never sleep. Ever. I am lucky if I get 2 or 3 hours a night. I slept just fine right up until I had Eleri, so I am not sure if it is pregnancy related or not. But sadly sleep alludes me every. single. night. (hence the exhaustion)

Lowri's nursery is STILL NOT DONE! I am not sure if we could move any slower than we are, but at this rate her room will still be full of boxes and storage stuff until she is 2!

Eleri is getting really excited for Lowri. She asks almost everyday if Lowri can come out of my tummy and play with her. I am pretty sure E thinks that her baby sister is going to come out 2 and just like her. She is in for a big surprise. :)

Any kind of food I eat makes me feel sick. Nothing sounds good, even chick-fil-a. It's sad really, because I like to eat (normally) and it really sucks that I cant eat anything.

Maybe that is why I have only gained 13 pounds. I feel pretty ok about that. I mean,I still feel like a giant pregnant woman, but it's nice to know that at least at this point, the weight is still managable.

My plan is to wear my wedding dress for our 5 year anniversary. I will have a 3 month old. Realistic goal? Probably not. It took me 9 months to lose all the baby weight from Eleri. But then again, I gained more than 13 pounds. we shall see.

Wales won the Grand Slam last weekend. Woo Hoo Welsh rugby!! Thanks to our wonderful sling box we could watch it live. E is still walking around saying 'Go Wales' it's pretty darn cute.

I started working 28 February. It is 2 days a week at a preschool. I only work the hours that E is in school so I dont miss out on any time with her. It is a nice job, but again, I am exhausted. I will work up until 3 weeks before Lowri is born. It is hard working and being a mom. I dont feel that I can class as a 'working mom' because it is only 2 days a week from 8.45 to 2.15. Hardly strenuous hours. But it does leave me in awe and wonder about the mom's I know who work full time AND parent full time (Silvy, you are AMAZING!)

I LOVE the friends we have in Tulsa. Not quite at the point to say that I love tulsa, but the friends that we have made are incredible. I would never have imagined we would already have the community that we do. I love it.

I do not like to cook. I dont. I put it off until the very last minute every single day. Which means we end up eating a lot later than we should, but I simply do not enjoy cooking.

Eleri likes to say the prayer before our meals. She usually says "Dear Jesus, thank you for the food, amen" but last night she switched it up on us. "Dear God, Thank you for feeding me, Amen." We asked her where she learned that prayer and she answered "Jesus" Apparently, my daughter and Jesus are in direct communication regarding prayer. As it turns out, they pray that at school, but her little answer was SO sweet.

Whenever we go somewhere, E always wants us to buy double of everything, "one for me and one for wow-we" I love that she is thinking of her little sister.

British mother's day was last Sunday and Rhys got me the most amazing gift. I will take a picture and post it. Seriously, it is beautiful. Also, I really like that we celebrate British mother's day AND American mother's day. After all, I am both. Too bad for Rhys that Father's Day is the same day in both countries.

I am tired and going to nap now. Apologies for spelling and grammatical errors. I am not proof reading or spell checking. good night :)

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