6 May 2012

less than a week

In just 6 short days I will be able to hold little Lowri Grace in my arms. I am pretty excited about this for several reasons, mostly because my body is so very tired of carrying her around. I dont remember pregnancy being so uncomfortable with Eleri. And that is even with almost 30 weeks of constant throwing up. But as they say, every pregnancy is different and that has proven to be very true in my case. The two could not have been more different. It has been busy the last few weeks and I suspect it is not going to slow down any time soon. I turned 30, had a great birthday dinner with some dear friends, went to an Artic Monkeys and The Black Keys concert, had another amazing birthday dinner with my family and then yet another meal out with some other great friends. My mom also watched E a few nights in there so Rhys and I could have some time and sleep in as late as we wanted. We took E to the zoo as her big special treat before Lowri enters the mix. That child could go to the zoo everyday if we would let her. She loves animals. I finished Lowri's nursery (pictures tomorrow) and am working on packing my bag for the hospital. So yeah, busy. Then after saturday we have a new tiny little person to look after and that, I am sure, will be crazy in and of itself. But I am thrilled that it is only 6 days away. I cannot wait to see the little miracle that is my precious Lowri Grace. I can't wait! oh...and because the experience of birth int he UK is SO different than here, I am a bit unsure what to take in my hospital bag. What did you guys take with you? any adivce is much appreciated.


Sheyenne said...

So excited for Lowri to enter the world! As for the hospital bag, I kind of tried to think about a night away at a youth conference... :) Clothes, shower stuff, flip-flops, robe, camera, battery charger, cell phone charger, ear plugs (turned out I needed these the first night b/c I had to share a room and my roommate was puking all night. ick.). You can leave your sheets, towels, etc at home since the hospital provides them. I did bring my own pillow, even though they have them there too. Hope that helps! Can't wait to see pictures when Lowri is here!

Devi said...

Praying for you for a great birth and wonderful bonding time with Lowri and the whole family. Love you so much, Kristina.

Stefanie said...

I can't wait to see Lowri! I second bringing your own pillow, and if people besides family are going to visit you in the hospital, you might want to bring a nursing tank, too. I'm pretty sure you are the one who told me to bring dried fruit to the hospital to snack on after the baby is born to help avoid any constipation issues (sorry I just typed that word on your blog) but I was super glad I took your advice & did that - especially since having drugs in labor can make that issue worse. I'd also bring something for people who come to visit to sign (baby book or something else) as a keepsake. It's sweet to look back & remember who came. Praying for you!