10 May 2012

Lowri's Room

Lowri's room is done, more or less. The only thing that is really lacking are pictures on the wall. Maybe Rhys will hang those tonight. Or maybe it will be a few more weeks. But regardless, the majority is finished and here it is!
This is the view when you walk in. The dresser was actually my dresser in middle school. Getting lots of use out of that! Since LG's room is also the 'guest room', we decided to get a pull out couch so that when our international family and friends came to stay, there would be room. It is a surprisingly comfy couch. Plus, I love the look.

The bedding is Pottery Barn, Brooke. It was Eleri's bedding when she was tiny. Well, it still is Eleri's bedding, she just has the 'grown up' version on her big girl bed. I love this bedding. As shallow as it sounds, one of the reasons I wanted another girl was so that we could re-use this bedding.

Here is a close up of the monogramed L pillow that matches the set. Again, love it. The little doll was one of E's favourites back in the UK. It is from the most amazing baby store, Mama's and Papa's. E so generously donated her doll to 'baby sister wow-wi'.

Our house was built in 1984. The man who lived here before us bought the house brand new in 84. He was a Marine for almost 30 years and when he retired from the Marine Corps, he became a police officer. He retired the year before we bought the house from him. He was single, never married, had a giant German Shepherd and never updated the house. What is the point of the background story? To point out just how outdated and unkept the house was. It was a single man, and a hardcore 'man's man' at that!

Lowri's room was by far the worst. Ugly carpet, outdated paint colour that was chipping and folding closet doors that were broken and missing a few pieces. Something had to be done. But doors are so expensive. So we opted for an expandable curtain rod and some light, white curtains. Done. LG's closet problem fixed.

One of the first things I did when we found out we were having another girl was to go through Eleri's clothes. We pulled everything out of boxes, rewashed and put away. I am so very thankful that we did that because as a result, I have bought nothing for LG. Well, thats a lie. I bought her a new 'coming home' outfit. But other than that, nothing. In my head I knew I had gone a little crazy buying things for E, but because our flat was so tiny, whenever E outgrew something, we shipped boxes to either Wales or America. Because of that, this is the first time that Eleri's clothes have been out, all together, in one place.

uh, yeah. we are pretty set in terms of clothes for our next 8 children. (so long as they are girls!) Hanging are 0-9 months. the big tub on the floor is 9-18 months. Seriously, I went overboard. The moral of the story is to keep clothes in one place so you know what you have. Or to not spend so wasterfully on clothes. It is sad, I know. But at least I'm being honest about the closet. (and never buy us clothes!!)

Here are a few of the things that will be up on the walls. (Hopefully by tonight.) Below is a hand carved, wooden light fixture. One of my closest friends in the UK has Danish family. When we went to visit Denmark we got to know her aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Copenhagen. They are wonderful! Seriously, amazing people. My friends uncle is an incredibly talented wood carver. He makes everything from furniture pieces to things such as this light. I made a comment that I really liked the light fixture and he took it upon himself to make me one. As a complete surprise he carved it in Denmark, packaged it, and brought it with him the next time he flew to the UK. Amazing! I love it so much and even though it wont work as a light because at the moment it still has Danish plugs, I love the look and the story. Up on LG's wall it will go.

And this will go above the changing table to add some colour.

There you have it. That is basically the room. We plan on hanging a set of 6 or 7 pictures above the couch along with the Danish light, and then it will be complete. But it is pretty much there now. Which is great because little Lowri Grace will join us on Saturday! Only 2 days away!!


Sohailah said...

LOVE it. Do you give birth in two days? Are you going to the UK or still waiting to decide?

The Bishop's Wife said...

Everything looks great. I'm so excited to see pics of "wow-wi"--How cute it that?

kristina said...

Yeah, they induce on Saturday!! And no, no UK for me. Just wasn't a great plan

Stefanie said...

Precious! I love the couch, too! Can't wait to see miss Lowri!

Devi said...

Love the room - it's gorgeous :). And i'm a big fan of the Brooke bedding as well. Can't wait to hear all about Lowri and the birth this weekend. I'll be praying for you.

Katie said...

Oh I love it, Kristina! We have the Brooke bedding in the girls' room, too, and I just love it. I will be praying for you this weekend--so exciting. Love you, friend!