12 May 2008

a few comments

So its mid May already. I wish I had exciting things to report on, like a new job or a holiday planned. But instead its the same old things, every day. But to liven it up a bit, here are the things that have been said to me recently, as the good and bad of my everyday life.

1. On the train this morning I got yelled at for standing. Yup, just standing. Apparently the man wanted to stand right where I was because the train doors happened to stop right in front of me, ensuring I would get a seat. While I was pleased with picking the right place to stand, he greeted my joy with a "f*%!*g girl in the way, what the f%^*! is your problem, get the f%"*! out of my way I need to sit down" gotta love the commute, always a great way to start the day.

2. Once in the office I got a call...."since I am really busy and you are not as important as me, book me into a hotel for next week wont you" hmmm....nice.

3. over the weekend I got this...."oh it was your birthday last week?...how old are you 19, 20?" well, 26.... so close...... nice to know that I still look like a teenager though.

4.Walked into the local rugby pub at the weekend for a Saturday night drink. I was greeted by an array of 'Hey' and 'Hiya', followed by lots of hugs and kisses. Mmmm...that is nice! Always love an exciting welcome. I do love my friends.

5. But my favourite comment so far is from some co-workers who just returned from an off site meeting in Oklahoma. "I was expecting dry, barren land with Indians, tee-pees and cowboy hats! It was actually green with normal people! What a surprise!" Really?! Is that really what people think about Oklahoma? Bare foot, cowboy hats and Indians? hmmm...interesting.

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