28 May 2008

13 weeks

Is 13 weeks too long to stay in a job I dont like? Assuming I keep with the trend of no one else wanting to hire me, and stick it out with my current job until my parents come, I will be here another 13 weeks. That is minus a week of vacation in the middle there somewhere. so do I stick it out? or do I leave before hand and just do temp work?..... really why cant I win the lottery?!

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Devi said...

This isn't an answer to your question, only my story.

I'm beginning month 17 of a job I can't stand. It amazes me that I made it here this long (more like it amazes me that my ego has allowed me to stay here this long). But I'm holding on to this: one day - even though I cannot for the life of me even BEGIN to see it now - one day, it will result in something good in my life. In a lot of ways, I can already see the good things it produces in my character.

But I want more because I cannot believe that I've had to endure the past 16 months for anything less than a pretty damn incredible reason.