4 June 2008

rugby....er, wait..flag football....

So last Wednesday was my first attempt ever at any kind of Rugby. In the summer months there is a league that plays co-ed touch rugby. Rhys' regular season team got together and formed a touch team. After some cajoling, I went along last week and had my first run of rugby. Interesting to say the least.

Having watched rugby, mostly rugby in America, does not really properly prepare one to go on the pitch and play. Even though it is only 14 minute halves, and there are no scrums, rucks, mauls or tackles, ....well it is still challenging. About half way through I reverted to American flag-football. The team mate to my left got the ball and instead of running with him, or rather slightly behind him, I shot right past, setting him up perfectly for a long pass. If only it wasn’t against the rules to pass forward. Try as I might, I couldn’t get it right. I made some good 'touches' and I made a good effort running around trying to keep the other team from scoring. But anytime my side had the ball, I struggled to stay behind. Crazy rugby rules! Well, tonight is another game. We shall see if my second attempt at rugby is any more successful than the first!

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Leah said...

how did it go? I hope you had fun! i like your fun times ktina. today i talked with my little british couple that comes to the bar and he was going on about how much he wanted to eat some marmite and it made me laugh as well as wish i was back there near my friend. sad day.